Monday, November 28, 2011

fun pre HG long run, vicki's death march picto blog

Well, recovery from MMTR has gone pretty well. I was a little surprised a couple days after the race, how "normal" I felt, and proceeded to ease back into training with cautious optimism. I've been doing some intervals and a couple longer runs, and this past weekend did my last long run before hellgate at SNP with the VHTRC. :Vicki's death march! I had SO much fun running in the mtns big climbs, rocky trails ( that reminded me of Middle Earth on LoTR) and great companionship with a zaney cross section of people who make up Va happy trails... Love running with these guys! never a dull moment. It was a beautiful day, ( a little warm!) met so many new friends and enjoyed spending time with old ones!
here are some pictures from Vicki's death March:

Sophie, kara, Laurie and I at the falls
a Happy David Snipes
just starting out on the fire road, already a warm morning
group shot at the falls

Quatro's "presidential" profile shot
Gary Knipling and I
sophie is either yawning or letting out a primal scream here.
Q- the coolest texan I know.
ham who is very tall.
view of old rag from hawksbill
on the summit of hawksbill tallest peak in SNP

myself, sophie and kara with the massenuttens in the background
a trash can at the stables that a bear had mauled.

SO here I am less than 2 weeks out from HG. Longest race for me to date-- first 100k and it's a doozey of a 100k. I'm looking forward to Epic fun, sharing the trail with so many great ultrarunners. and really, just celebrating what a great year and journey it's been. I've learned so much this year. and I know I still have so much more to learn.
I love night running, I enjoy running in the cold/love winter sports.. so I'm not really scared or worried about those aspects of the race. I know it's going to HURT, and be LONG and take awhile... I've come to terms with all those things when I registered for the race and not fearful about those things. I've accepted this to be " it is what it is." and I'm just ready to run in the mtns with all my friends, and see how the journey unfolds and HAVE FUN, and eat tons of AS food. :)

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Unknown said...

Nice pics Jen, looks like I have missed a great run. From what I can tell I think your training and performance this year has been outstanding. No need to worry about HG. Happy taper