Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer summer summertime

It’s Memorial Day weekend and we are back at the beach. The kids just got out of school last week. It was the close of great school years for both jack and Todd.  We had a very busy spring with lax concert season for band 
Excited for them to both get a break for a bit before the chaos of camps, band practices (for jack) and golf
Tournaments for Todd begin- then they are off to new schools middle school for Todd and jack will be a freshman in high school. Where has time gone? 

So we are all enjoying relaxing and sleeping in some- enjoying good food. I’m trying run adhere to running and while at home I’ve been playing tennis twice a week in the Virginian  and golfing on Wednesday’s with the ladies group at clear creek - that’s been keeping me busy 

And tying up all the loose ends of my outside home repair projects - I was telling Brock it’s about time for me to move inside and start doing tons of projects on the interior of the house now lol.  
I’m going to
Share some highlights from the past couple months since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted 

Celebrating Judy’s 70th birthday at the barns at chip

Neat shot of Brock and I taking a selfie 🤳 


Shot at Easter brunch with my parents 

Todds final lax game 

Jacks spring concert 

Jack before class night/8th grade dance 

Jack with his date for the evening 

Awards day for Todd 5th grade graduation 

Awards day/ 8th grade graduation for jack 

Happy to be at the  neighborhood pool for the beach house wish the pool at home was more like this one - 

My babies ♥️

Monday, April 15, 2019

Pictures of finished porches etc

Hi all here are some
Pictures from my porch project I completed 
I also
Stained and sealed the adriondack chairs 

And I painted my front door and side garage door blue 
I had to prime them

Very happy with the progress I’m making with our home - feels incredible to get these tasks completed and learn new skills along the way 

We are excited for Easter and warmer weather - we love
Our outside spaces and intend to use them frequently 
Hopefully, I can shift gears and in addition to continuing working  to improve the house I want to also make time
For tennis, golf, running and yoga-  I’m doing all these this week! Excited to get to play in warmer weather! 

Also today  April 15th is my late brother Todd’s birthday - I began this blog after his death- primarily to promote the race I directed that benefits a  memorial scholarship in his name - I decided several years ago to stop the race due to my kids more demanding schedules and several other deciding factors but Todd’s scholarships is alive and well! Still
Helping students achieve their academic dreams! This year we are awarding the scholarship to a very deserving student majoring in mechanical engineering who will attend Bluefield State College in the fall. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Pressure washing and staining the decks

Adventures and education in home maintenance continues - 
All weekend I pressure washed my front and back porch which took about 14 hours - it was such a slow going and arduous process 
But today I was able  to stain some- I still lack about a full days work to get everything - and it’s so motivating to visually see progress!! I will definitely post pictures of the finished product  in several days! 
But here are some of my work in progress pics from
Staining - I have two semi before pic so one can see the difference it makes - my decks are made of iron wood- and I use a product from the company penafin called “rosewood oil” its amazing 

And here are some pics after I was finished for the day 

Huge difference, huh? 

I’m pretty pumped about it all. It’s been so amazing to see all the progress I’ve made the last week- 
Have I mentioned how much I love spring? 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Adventures in home maintenance

Happy Spring!! I truly feel it’s here- even if it’s still a little
On the cool side. I have been laboring hard this week working on making the exterior of my house nicer- 
Since Monday my cousin and I have put out over 200 bags of mulch and 22 bales of pine straw around my house, I’ve cleaned out the garage (well the worst half- Brock cleaned out the other kinda not so bad half on Saturday- also Saturday Brock made me four adriondack chairs to go around my fire pit area) 
And today my cousin rick pressure washed  the front porch columns and white trim while I cleaned the grill, planted some things that frost won’t kill - got propane  for the grill and 5 gallons of penofin for the deck to stain it with- 
Here are some

This was a work in progress picture- it’s filled in now 

I also painted distressed and sealed my Cracker Barrel rockers 

Plants that cold won’t kill 


Oh and we got a new super slick looking golf cart 

Happy it’s spring!! ♥️

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Lil more Easter decorating

Today I decorated a little more - and wore insanely loud Lilly Pulitzer outfit because - I’m ready for full on spring and warm weather! Can I get an amen?! 

I made my nest out of Easter grass for my cake plate and egg! 

Thought this little guy was just too cute for words- he may stay  out until fall 

Thought this ceramic rabbit was neat because the paper mache made him look like a chocolate bunny 

My loud outfit 

Everyone think warm 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Easter decorating

 I’ve done some Easter and spring time decorating- this is more of a pictorial blog - but I’ll share some of my progress I’ve made 

Front door wreath 

Office door on the front porch 

Centerpiece that is a work In Progress- visualizing Easter grass and smaller eggs or candy surrounding it 

Thought this felt little guy was cute he is on my side board/cubard/ butler pantry thing

And so is his girl

Spring on the mantel 

These Lilly Pulitzer material bunnies