Sunday, December 6, 2009

Damascus snow day

Well, the trip to Jefferson to visit my friend Annette and the Mistletoe Half never transpired this weekend. I was packed and all ready to go, but then about 1:30pm on friday,  I got a message from annette that the weather forecast was getting worse for western NC and she was concerned about us traveling. ( they were supposed to get about 6 inches of snow) I agreed that  it was probably best that we take a rain check and I stay around the house this weekend.
  I was kinda bummed because I had REALLY wanted to race this weekend, but with my friend beth running Hellsgate 100k the following weekend ( dec 12th) it was probably for the best we didn't go race.
HOWEVER, when one door closes another one opens!! beth and I had decided when I called to tell her about the change of plans that we'd get together the following day for some trail running in Damascus, VA on the AT and iron mtn trails.  I woke up that next morning to it pouring the snow and covering EVERYTHING! YAY!!

 I got my gear together and met up with Beth and Lone Wolf at Mojoe's.. JJ Jessee was on his way.. he ran 10 miles from his house to Damascus via the Va creeper trail. I had passed him when I was driving into d-town. :o) JJ arrived at the coffee shop, refueled and warmed up a little.
So away we all four went for 8 miles of pure fun in a winter wonderland!! It was just such an enjoyable run! The snow was a very wet and heavy snow and it stuck to all the trees and branches! So pretty! There was about 3 inches up on the top of the mtns.. VERY NICE!!
after the run, we all went to the Whistle Pig Bistro(formerly Fatties) and were treated to some AMAZING food. We had buffalo wings, fried pickles, freedom fried, hamburgers, homemade chips etc..
It really had to be one of my FAVORITE times trail running in Damascus thus far...

here are some pictures!!