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2014 CTR 10k RD report

  The 7th annual CTR 10k was held on August 9th 2014 6pm.  The weather was  overcast, high's in the 60's.
This was the largest field in the history of the race with 119 registered runners and 102 finishers.
I was so elated to see Todd's race grow, and the love and support from the running community was most certainly felt by my family and I. The CTR 10k is the annual fundraiser for the Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial Scholarship. These are scholarships both merit and need based for students in southwest, Virginia who are majoring in geology, mining engineering,  or some other energy related field to date in the past 7 years we have given away $14,000.00 in scholarships. I'm so extremely proud to be able to look back and know that we have honored and are continuing to honor Todd's memory by helping others.

The race boasts a fun cross country style start at the picnic shelter area at the head of the trail

That then merges onto the VA Creeper Trail in Abingdon, Va. The Creeper trail is a rail to trail system  so non technical/wide trail with cinder surface. 
  The race awards are made by local artists: For the 7th year in a row  my good friend Debbie Grim Yates has made the pottery overall awards. She lives in Konnarock ( near white top/damascus) and does amazing work)
The age group awards were made by myself  I made the "freedom to be" medallions which is the name of my blog and my personal creed because my brother todd had a 4h sticker that said this on the side of his desk when we were children. This has always resonated with me that is how Todd lived his life and conducted himself-- people truly where always comfortable with him and at east in his presence because he was so accepting and allowed people to simply be themselves, and Todd was unapologetically genuine and authentic-- So it is that which I pattern my life- and hope to inspire others to do the same.

  Feel it's extremely important for the runners to visually be able to see and read about my brother, and the scholarship recipients so they feel a personal connection and understand they just aren't merely running a 10k, they are apart of something truly special.
  Michael Holland, 17 crossed the line in 35:13 and was the overall winner of the 2014 CTR 10k
  My good friend jaime simmons ( who is a stellar triathlete with XC/TF, D1 NCAA background was the overall female winner and 39:40 and seventh overall
    Overall male winners michael holland, Daniel Scott Hamilton-- who I have to mention Ran and WON a trail half marathon in Chat ( RockCreek trail series) Then drove to Abingdon and ran CTR 10k and got second on tired legs , and Eric Grossman ( who is a great mentor/friend and super accomplished ultra runner in his own rite- he has coached me several times)
 Was completely star struck that Tom MacCormack ( who was 4th overall and masters winner) ran CTR 10k, Tom was a member of the original ETSU Irish Brigade from the 70's- he ran an amazing race. sub 6 min miles for 10k and he is 61-- really people, what is your excuse??
                           The lovely Jaime Simmons receiving her overall awards-
Jaime and Rebbeca Webb first and second woman respectively. 

The rest of the results are listed here at State of Franklin Track Club

HERE is a link to all the other CTR 10k pictures on my FB page

 I would like to personally thank ALL THE RUNNERS, VOLUNTEERS, SPONSORS for making this years race such a success.  None of this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for so many kind hearted people supporting the race, ( almost all independent, locally owned businesses) and the scholarship. 
The sense of community and positive atmosphere at this race is immeasurable. It truly is a special event, but it's THE PEOPLE who are present that make it that way. So THANK YOU to everyone are participated and for making CTR 10k such a special day for my family and myself. 

Stonewear Designs ambassadorship 2014-2015

I'm soo happy to announce that Stonewear Designs  has selected to me to be one of their ambassadors for 2014-2015.

Stonewear designs is a women's active/sportswear company based in boulder, co. It is the brainchild
Of a climber chick- that saw the need for
Functional, yet cute outdoor clothing for women that can look great on essentially any body type.

The line is essentially lifestyle, yoga, and some
Running clothes- Really fun, versatile and comfortable.
Below are two of my favorite dresses from
Spring 2014 line up.

I'm very excited to have this opportunity to represent and promote for this company because it's a brand I've been familiar with for years, but I feel while it's has a stronger presence out west, many in the southeast may not be familiar with Stonewear.

Things I love about Stonewear and my relationship with the company in terms of my job:
1. They are small- rep in house - and their customer service is unparalleled. You have an issue they will get it fixed.
2. The clothes are made in the USA- when is the last time something from lulu, Patagonia or northface yoga gear had a made in the USA tag?
3. Their yoga pants are amazing- so soft and super flattering-and no quality control or "sheer" issues here!!

I really feel in addition to SALOMON and GU this is a great companion to my ambassadorship resume. Excited to wear and field test their gear-

Watch for events and promotions for Stonewear on my blog and social media as well as gear reviews in the coming year. Yay!!

I would definitely like to take the opportunity to personally thank Stonewear Designs for allowing me to be apart of what they are trying to accomplish- I'm very humbled, and also super excited that yet again I have people believing in me and enabling me to chase my dreams. cheers y'all!

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Jarmans invitational marathon

When I first heard about the JIM I was intrigued but doubtful I would
Run it. The brain child
Dan spearin: It is a 29
Mile race up and down jarmans gap rd in Crozet, Va. - 5 times - 7,200 ft of vertical climbing and descent- no flat- just straight uphill and straight down hill. Even on the race website it's selling point was: "this race sucks!"
The more I thought about it I decided that: "you know, this will be killer masochist training." And I'm right! I know for Mmtr I need to have my quads very prepared for all the ups and downs. So I signed up. :)
This event was free so I figured it would be more of a FA type event- but while I didn't want to race, I wanted to have a good solid training effort.
I drove up the evening before and stayed in waynesboro and had booked a room at the holiday inn express- I walked in and the receptionist was like- we are soo full is there anyway you'd stay in this king room down stairs it's a little musty but will give you the rate of 60 bucks- ( my rate was 139) score!! My room was fine way bigger than what I booked and just smelled like any normal basement it wasn't a big deal. I am now a freak post pinhoti about eating out before a run so I had a tomato and basil sandwich I had packed (from
Tomatoes and basil I grew myself) and pretzels and a peach and it was lights out. It was so nice to sleep early and sleep in both for this event with the 12 noon start-
I made my pilgrimage to Crozet Running to see my good friend Michelle Anderson - her husband john is a friend and fellow ultrarunner as well- and they own this amazing running store in Crozet

- If you are ever in the cville area stop by and check it out. Got to have a great conversation with her- picked up some Crozet running merch- then headed on to the race start- you pass all these cute horse farms and this great peach orchard. This is the cutest town :)
The race start it was like a family reunion. I loved seeing all my friends! I hadn't raced much- tj100k and highlands sky and I really missed chillin with my peeps!!

The start of the race was no biggie- super relaxed. And I just tried to find my rhythm. Knowing this would be a long day. With a 12 noon start it wasn't too hot but it was warm and humid very humid.
I got to run with Rachel bell Kelly who has been a fb friend for like two yrs - so that was great to get to run with her- she went on to scorch the course and run really strong all day to claim first female.
But pretty much how I described the course is how it was- up 3 miles down 3 miles -- over and
Over- I listened to music, I talked a lot with my friends on the climbs- I ran with the intention of one not killing myself during a training run - and two- just was so grateful
To be out there doing what I love. It literally brings tears to my eyes when I compare how I FEEL running in 2014 to running in 2013. I'm stronger and have so much more energy . Running feels good again- I was just so drained before and ran tired- it was a grind- to get to run happy once more is a tremendous gift :) I'm so grateful- I know I'm not the fastest out there right now but with all I'm doing with work, my business and race directing- I'm so thankful for my journey and to look back over my shoulder and see growth and gained strength and perspective. And I love these people I run with- Sophie, Annie, bill gentry, Marc, bob, Christain, Helen etc etc if you guys only knew how much I value you! Sophie took some pictures from the climb on lap 2

So nope no racing we had fun - and I also in addition to my new root beer gu (http://www.guenergylabs.com) lemonade roctane gu, and new roctane electrolyte tabs with ginger (psst. These are amazing) I ate two doughnuts from
Sugar shack in Richmond - yum! And guzzled Mtn dew out of a 2 liter bottle. I'm soo unhealthy during these things!
And I sprayed myself
Off with a hose from someone's yard along the course every lap. To keep cool:) and get all the salt and sweat off of me.
Very fun day I ended up with a 6:19 finishing time. I was very cool with that given the vert and how I putted around and wasn't in a hurry- and what was awesome I just felt like I was getting started- my feet didn't hurt and I really am excited to run a 50 and 100k this fall because I do love longer efforts- post run was great to catch up with all my peeps and fellowship

I highly recommend this event and hope they are having it again next yr!!
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