Friday, January 11, 2019

Some of my current favorite things

Hey y’all! Hope your new year is going great!  If you’re like me, perhaps you are trying to let go of some
Bad habits and establish some new healthier ones to replace them with: 
Personally I’ve been going to hot yoga every day- I’ve only missed one day in the last 8 days- and I truly am feeling so good 😊 inside and out! 
I also wanted to share some products that I absolutely am enjoying so much this week that I feel are helping me get healthier! 

 I usually take a shot of normal braggs apple cider daily- but the last time I was at the health food store I saw this and it’s heaven! I mix it with water but also just take a shot glass of it in the morning when I take my vitamins! It’s yummy spicy and I love it 🥰 

I truly am going to try to find this wholesale and get a gallon of it-  this is an aryuvedic oil for sore muscles (think tiger balm but better) where I’ve been working out a lot more I have been sooo sore the last week and using this before a workout or after I shower is just heavenly warm cinnamon/pepperminty smell 

Been replacing my afternoon coffee with matcha lattes made of unsweetened almond or coconut milk 🥳 I love this has added collagen 

If you love kombucha and coconut- yup well this is for you- it’s fizzy like kombucha but it’s a solid substance like yogurt- it’s Tart  and sour- not sweet- I eat it plain but I think it would be yummy with fruit- 

Coconut water. This is my treat- I have this every evening before bed- to rehydrate balance my electrolytes and get some potassium and magnesium- so. Good. 

Beyond that I’m just trying to sip on bone broth I’ve made myself in the instapot, eat a lot of veggies and healthy lean proteins (chicken, beef,pork, fish) 
 It’s feeling really nice to hit the reset button after the holidays and intentionally focus on my health and wellness  so much more than I have been. 
I hope everyone is having a great day today! Do one thing your future self will thank you for today! Also drink water! I really wasn’t drinking enough for a long long time- and I think that really effects how I feel energetically 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

December was a blur

So this month really grabbed me by the nape of my neck and shook me hard- I can’t believe it’s dec 27th -  I am going to consistently make an effort to publish weekly 
So much to talk about! 
For those of  you following the front porch progression: 
My mom bought me an antique milk can- I have wanted one for years- and this particular one is very old and heavy and I say it’s safe to assume it’s going to stay on my front porch year round now 

Love it 

Other than Christmas and holiday celebrations last week- the  highlight of my month was getting to take my oldest son jack to go see the play “Hamilton” in Greenville, SC at the peace center. Jack has been obsessed with the soundtrack and so this was his big gift from his dad and I to him- lucky me got to go too! We had an amazing time and loved every second of it! 

After that, the kids were out of school and I’ve been in a hurricane of events, family visits and holiday fervor 

But I have also made time  and space for myself too- which I think is so important during the holidays 
I’ve done a lot of this :

I’m reading a great book about Alva Vanderbilt 

Almost finished with it and I love it so much! Been such a great read! 
I also repurposed a necklace (cut it up and made it to fit me better used a different design) 

It has a fairy stone on it! And I love this necklace it’s so meaningful to me! Very SwVA 
I also was able to go to the farm and feed  cows with my dad on Christmas Eve 

Such a great morning! 
I received some great Pyrex bowls from my mom 

And fire king mugs from my sister in law Tammy 

And even though I wasn’t expecting it and feel I don’t deserve it - ( because I feel I have too much and really need nothing ) 
Santa (in the form of Brock) came and left me something very nice 

So sweet ♥️
So now here I am present moment  I am thinking of taking down my Christmas decor either today or tomorrow - 
On the cusp of New Years 
I really don’t have resolutions- other than I want 2019 to be full of happiness and joy-  good health - fun adventures and I have a lot of home related projects I wish to tackle. 
If you made it to the end of this post- I truly wish you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a happy new year ♥️

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Oh Christmas tree

Yesterday we were able to do some family bonding and get our live Christmas tree from Red Barn Christmas Trees near Damascus, Va. These trees are harvested locally from
white top mtn! One of my favorite places! Plus it feels amazing to support a local business and have locally sourced trees

We may have out did ourselves - we bought two trees a small one and a big one - I bought the smaller one for my front porch to go in my moms galvanized wash tub she lent me- and we bought the large 10 foot one for our living room
I was impatient and decided to decorate the smaller one last night 

Yay! I also bought the boys two new sleds for the impending snowmagedon this weekend- that’s what’s junking up the pic behind The tree :) 

We got the larger tree in the stand and let the branches find where they need to be overnight 
And decided to decorate it today 

We used all our ornaments we have amassed the past 15 years! So sentimental- and so us ♥️

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Crafty beginning to December

This morning I awoke to a lovely sunrise 

I decided to treat myself to a craft day today: 
First I made myself a headband using a combination of knitting on a loom and crochet 

Warm and toasty- I got the yarn from “a likely yarn” in abingdon - it’s wool but feels so soft without feeling scratchy 
Then I made little gifts for the up coming Christmas season 

Yes everyone and I mean everyone is getting homemade soap and lip balm for Christmas! 
Lastly I’ve added some greenery to my front porch 

I am going to have a live  decorated tree on my front porch placed in a galvanized wash tub - but waiting until
Next weekend to do that 
 So this Saturday was nice and relaxing, productive  

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Slowly starting to feel like the holidays

We have been experiencing some cold weather this week- I really have wanted to accomplish more but sick kid, weather meh- 
Some days you just have to play the cards you are dealt. 
However, today even though it was windy and 25f I decorated some outside- it’s a work in progress but I’m slowly chipping away at it 
Here are some pictures of what I’ve done so far: 

I hung a big wreath and garland on my back porch- this porch is probably my favorite place in the house - I’m constantly out there no matter what the season . 

Still have a lot to go on the front porch but it’s a start- going to have a tree 🌲 on my front porch by this weekend :) and more greenery but I have my antique sled and ice skates out! And the watering can is very special to me it was my papaw Claude’s 
My dad gave it to me several years ago. It’s one of my most treasured things 

 Mail box 

 This isn’t decor- this is my dinner - it was so cold I decided to use my mini bge I normally just use for tailgates or family camping- but it was so blustery and cold 🥶 I did not want to have to walk into the courtyard and use my normal sized big green egg- plus with me and the kids I now realize how much lump charcoal I was wasting - this size is perfect for three ppl or less 
And I enjoyed just Popping out the kitchen back door onto my porch to check the food and two feet from the warm house 😂 
Truly thankful for the little things 
Next up: I know this weekend more adventures on tap and more decorating 
Tomorrow am going to try for a cold weather adventure run in the woods after I take the kids to school - 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday squirrel gravy

 Thanksgiving is usually a big hunting week for my family- we got to the farm Wednesday - Todd and I deer hunted - but never saw any deer 
Which happens! We had fun anyway 

Todd got bored and feel asleep on me in the blind 

So yesterday (thanksgiving) before he left my parents farm my 11 yr old son shot a fox squirrel- it was a great educational moment for me as I had never skinned and gutted a squirrel before only deer and fish was the extent of my reportoire 

This guy was huge! My dad and I skinned , gutted and cleaned mister squirrel with Todd helping and observing- 
And once I got home I placed him in some salt water to soak over night in the fridge 
Todd and I decided we would have the squirrel for breakfast 🍳 
So I woke up at 5 am this morning to start the task of preparing the squirrel- I decided to use my instapot to cook him for phase 1. I placed the squirrel, some water, and salt/pepper and some sprigs of rosemary in the pot and cooked it on the chicken setting for 40 min- 
While the squirrel was cooking I knew it was going to be good because it smelled good :) 

This is what the squirrel looked like after it was cooked and I now have stock for my gravey so that’s incredible and I can’t say enough how good this smelled- honestly it was like I cooked chicken 
So I rolled the pieces of squirrel in seasoned flour and fried it like fried chicken 
I made biscuits from scratch
Then lastly I made gravey with the grease and some
Flour/ milk and the stock from cooking the squirrel 

 The lumps are some bits of sausage I fried with the squirrel to give it more grease 

Todd enjoying the harvest of his hunt 

So end of the day- I felt this experience was so worthwhile- Todd and I both cultivated skills of sustainability- and found it very tasty and enjoyable!and this thanksgiving weekend we are both grateful - As I told
Him when we were having our breakfast “we will never starve” ♥️🤗

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Antiquing/consignment finds this week

I admittedly am planning on my “next phase” of front porch decorating- for winter/ Christmas I have some rustic ideas floating around in my head- but knew I needed to hit up some antique stores to bring some of my ideas into fruition. 
  I don’t have all the materials I need - yet- but I did find several things that I was on a quest for and several surprises too! I wanted to share some of them with my readers 
- first off- I love antiquing and consignment shops- I find it so fun like treasure hunting! 

So at the first antique store I go to in abingdon- I find - both an old  tail sled 🛷 and ice skates (oh makes me think of Ethan frome) both of these finds are going in the front porch and will probably stay there until Valentine’s Day 

I was thrilled to find these things! I have a list of several more items that I need I will work on this weekend - when my winter porch scene is complete I will post it. 

So while I was searching for Christmas decor- I found two fire king mugs! I love love love fire king and Pyrex and particularly the Kimberly fire king mugs (with the diamond etched pattern) my parents had these mugs when I was very small so they carry with them very positive nostalgia for me of feeling safe, loved and warm. 

And isn’t the butterfly one so pretty? These are the perfect size for my espresso machine 

Also I found at the antique store - this beautiful sweater- that wasn’t an antique but someone had it hanging there for sale In Their booth for 12.00 - a Judith March sweater that had magnolias on it! 

Love this sweater and it’s so warm!! 

And it was like a Christmas next door in a consignment shop- I found a pair of size 8 hunter boots for 20.00 and they are the exact same shade of pink as my new sweater!! 

So yay! So awesome! 
That’s been what I’ve been up to the past couple days in addition to pre thanksgiving craziness!! Hope all of you have an amazing thanksgiving!! We all have al much to be grateful for ♥️🤗