Monday, April 15, 2019

Pictures of finished porches etc

Hi all here are some
Pictures from my porch project I completed 
I also
Stained and sealed the adriondack chairs 

And I painted my front door and side garage door blue 
I had to prime them

Very happy with the progress I’m making with our home - feels incredible to get these tasks completed and learn new skills along the way 

We are excited for Easter and warmer weather - we love
Our outside spaces and intend to use them frequently 
Hopefully, I can shift gears and in addition to continuing working  to improve the house I want to also make time
For tennis, golf, running and yoga-  I’m doing all these this week! Excited to get to play in warmer weather! 

Also today  April 15th is my late brother Todd’s birthday - I began this blog after his death- primarily to promote the race I directed that benefits a  memorial scholarship in his name - I decided several years ago to stop the race due to my kids more demanding schedules and several other deciding factors but Todd’s scholarships is alive and well! Still
Helping students achieve their academic dreams! This year we are awarding the scholarship to a very deserving student majoring in mechanical engineering who will attend Bluefield State College in the fall. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Pressure washing and staining the decks

Adventures and education in home maintenance continues - 
All weekend I pressure washed my front and back porch which took about 14 hours - it was such a slow going and arduous process 
But today I was able  to stain some- I still lack about a full days work to get everything - and it’s so motivating to visually see progress!! I will definitely post pictures of the finished product  in several days! 
But here are some of my work in progress pics from
Staining - I have two semi before pic so one can see the difference it makes - my decks are made of iron wood- and I use a product from the company penafin called “rosewood oil” its amazing 

And here are some pics after I was finished for the day 

Huge difference, huh? 

I’m pretty pumped about it all. It’s been so amazing to see all the progress I’ve made the last week- 
Have I mentioned how much I love spring? 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Adventures in home maintenance

Happy Spring!! I truly feel it’s here- even if it’s still a little
On the cool side. I have been laboring hard this week working on making the exterior of my house nicer- 
Since Monday my cousin and I have put out over 200 bags of mulch and 22 bales of pine straw around my house, I’ve cleaned out the garage (well the worst half- Brock cleaned out the other kinda not so bad half on Saturday- also Saturday Brock made me four adriondack chairs to go around my fire pit area) 
And today my cousin rick pressure washed  the front porch columns and white trim while I cleaned the grill, planted some things that frost won’t kill - got propane  for the grill and 5 gallons of penofin for the deck to stain it with- 
Here are some

This was a work in progress picture- it’s filled in now 

I also painted distressed and sealed my Cracker Barrel rockers 

Plants that cold won’t kill 


Oh and we got a new super slick looking golf cart 

Happy it’s spring!! ♥️

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Lil more Easter decorating

Today I decorated a little more - and wore insanely loud Lilly Pulitzer outfit because - I’m ready for full on spring and warm weather! Can I get an amen?! 

I made my nest out of Easter grass for my cake plate and egg! 

Thought this little guy was just too cute for words- he may stay  out until fall 

Thought this ceramic rabbit was neat because the paper mache made him look like a chocolate bunny 

My loud outfit 

Everyone think warm 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Easter decorating

 I’ve done some Easter and spring time decorating- this is more of a pictorial blog - but I’ll share some of my progress I’ve made 

Front door wreath 

Office door on the front porch 

Centerpiece that is a work In Progress- visualizing Easter grass and smaller eggs or candy surrounding it 

Thought this felt little guy was cute he is on my side board/cubard/ butler pantry thing

And so is his girl

Spring on the mantel 

These Lilly Pulitzer material bunnies 


Monday, March 18, 2019

Project #1

Hi all! We returned from the beach Saturday evening, and yesterday was a flurry of laundry, grocery shopping and prepping for the upcoming week- however, I was able to sneak in a project Ive wanted to do for awhile- 

I had two old brown wooden barstools- that were left behind by the browns the family that owned our house before us- they left them in the garage when they moved to Florida in 2007- and we never really used them- they just sat in the garage for 12 years- 

So yesterday I painted them/ after the paint dried I distressed them with sand paper and a nail Emory board- 
Then I sprayed a clear coat of protectant on the chairs to weather proof them-

My plan is to use these on my back porch once the weather warms up- here are the pictures of the finished result :

Monday, March 11, 2019

On the verge of spring

Hi all! Well the last couple months I’ve been imerged in self improvement in the form of trying to go to hot yoga 4-5 times a week, eat healthy, run (shorter runs 3-5 miles) and being mega attentive to the kids and their many activities and petcare  Todd has lax  guitar and Jack is very involved in band music lessons and ffa - and they are both in the gifted program- so my evenings I am running a gauntlet of shuttling kids to and from their extracurriculars- 

Brock and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary: 

I felt I was killing it-  I wasn’t going to let cold weather get me down! and really gaining traction in my fitness when- it all came off the rails- in the form that I got sick. 
 I had some life stress in the form that mine and brocks trucks were each broken into- in our drive way  my wallet was stolen :/ bummer-  I am
Still working to get all my things replaced - plus it’s scary undermines my peace of mind and sense of security - so we’ve been working hard to put up more cameras - be psycho about locking doors and setting the alarm system for our house - and the three people who broke into my truck are in jail- we were just one of the many people they did this to- and I’m so thankful they have been caught. 
But with Brock working out of town - even though I’ve always felt brave strong and stoic - I think the stress from the break in- and me not wanting it to happen again - plus I had some
Issues a week before the break ins of kids in the neighborhood chronically pranking our house by ringing the door bell and running away-  I really just want uninvited people to stay away from my home- esp ones not there for positive good.  Also during this time I deactivated my fb- I still have my Instagram but have the settings to private - I honestly don’t really miss fb- initially said I was going to stay off until after Easter like for lent- but I really may not bring it back- who knows - May feel different later on but I just tire of it- seems to have way more negativity than Instagram and I just tire of the constant crap I see of people arguing - I’ve felt this way for 2 yrs- I just felt I needed to stay because I was connected to so many people
From my past - like every facet of my life A and so many running friends - but decided to just leave to see what it’s like. I life without fb is actually better 
I started feeling bad/ and two days later finally went to the dr where I tested positive for both Flu A and Flu B and to add insult to injury, I also tested positive for walking pneumonia- what?! How is that possible?! With how “healthy” I am and taking all the supplements and exercising how I do- well I theorize that I probably over did it- in my zeal to get in shape  plus the stress from people messing around my house and lowered my immunity and guess I was exposed to a lot of crap and had no idea- 
So I needed rest and the flu/pneumonia combo sure brought me to a screeching hault. So in my week of pj wearing semi coma state- I decided when I get my strength back  and it warms up I am going to tackle some awesome house projects like - super cleaning out and organizing my garage ,doing the mulch for my landscaping myself, pressure washing and painting some things in the exterior of my house and getting some new deck furniture- out door living spaces ready for spring summer fall - I love my house but even better I love my porches and my yard- I will attempt to try to document some of my projects esp the painting ones- 

Right now (and I probably should of stayed home) but it’s spring break for the kids so we came to the beach- Brock was amazing boarding maverick for me   and doing all the packing and loading while I laid in bed wheezing- while weeks ago I had lofty goals of golfing tennis and running all week long- now my exspectations are dialed back to relaxing reading and short walks with Alice my little dog who never left my side while I was sick- we had to put down our Yorkie Fred who was 16 years old in February and that was Alice’s everything- she has clung to us since then because I feel she misses Fred so much and we miss Fred too- if anything I spend more time with Alice because I miss fred- little dogs are precious and sweet. 
 So we have been here a couple days I have to say the warm weather has felt so nice. It good to spend time with brocks family and our kids and everything be much slower in pace than at home - 

Walking on the golf course with Alice early this morning 

Brock and I before dinner last night- first time I’ve fixed my hair or worn any make up in 10
Days 😂 - felt nice to not be in yoga pants and a hoodie 

So yes- looking forward to spring - this late winter was a doozy but I’m not defeated- ♥️ I don’t feel sorry for myself for anything that’s happened to me - the last month or my entire life - I’m captain of my ship in and control of how I respond to negative things and people - 
I am excited to rest and build my strength and energy this week and get back home to start my projects and yes still be doing lots of  hot yoga, running and spring is always busy time
For the kids: with spring sports - Brock has several ultra marathons trail 50ks I plan to try to attend to cheer him on 

Me April means turkey season so I want to also make time to do more of this: 

And fishing with my brother Brian- trout fishing is always so much fun in the spring : 

 I’m excited after my massive clean up- of the exterior of my home to also get to golf on Tuesdays with the ladies and on Wednesday’s play tennis 🎾 
And I have plans for some over night  backpacking adventures on the AT but that will probably be in May 

 Easter! And a couple great parties in April-  so I’m excited for spring and all the awesomeness of changing seasons! 
If you made it through this post- I hope your late winter was less eventful than mine!! And wish you all happiness and health!! ♥️🙏