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Injinji 2.0 review

Several weeks ago, a very cool (and fun!) opportunity fell in my lap when Injinji ( reached out to me
To demo their latest line and write a blog giving my thoughts about them. Of course, I told them: "absolutely!"

I have used Injinji socks since 2008 and really found them to
Work well for me. I guess i should
Back up and explain also
During 2008 was what I call the "born to run/ vibram 5 finger" boom. I feel Injini kinda exploded into the mainstream along with vibram 5 fingers and many people (espcially non runners) very closely associate the two.
But what I feel : they were originally marketed as a blister prevention sock to runners? If memory serves me correct. Well, regardless the UltraRunning and marathoning communities alike have always loved Injinji and majority of runners from
These communities are familiar with what great socks they are- if you are not- yoo hoo! Over here! if you are a runner and have blister issues: check out these socks.

I wore them while I ran(consequently won overall for
Females) during grindstone 100 2012. They worked beautifully as I had no blisters and lost no toenails
That race and that's saying a lot given the gnarly terrain and all the uphill and downhill one has to
Cover. They are pink- I still
Have them and will show you a picture later in the blog when I compare/ contrast 1.0 from

I so arrived home from
The beach and found a box on my porch and inside was this:

- Pretty exciting, huh?!

So the very next day I began to demo- ran on pavement for 10
Miles In a pair of the "run 2.0" I was impressed just putting on the socks and taking note of the new features: 1. a mesh panel across the top of the sock for ventilation and better breathability.
2. Reinforced toes and heels (same as 1.0) I've already attested to how long lasting these socks are - they are awesome - now
They have added cool max xtra life
Fiber -- these socks could probably survive a zombie apocalypse, now.

3. New feature for run 2.0- a cuff that goes higher on the heel- this eliminates friction of your shoe rubbing the back of your heel
Above low socks!!!
This feature made me extremely happy because during my first 100, umstead 2012- I was literally reduced to a crawl the last 20
Miles because I had worn smart wool low cut socks and my Solomon slab wings rubbed a gapping hole on the backs of both Achilles they were bleeding and just the most painful, excruciating experience with every step. (Shudder!!) never want to replicate that so that is something
Since that race, I immediately look for when buying new socks- and make very sure I always wear taller above ankle non-cute socks for trail and ultra trail running.

Here are two pictures of on my left foot is the grindstone 100 2012 sock- see? Looks
Great! I wear these socks all the time!! And on the right is the new Injini run 2.0 sock. Note the mesh panel and taller lip of the back of the heel in comparison to the pink 1.0s.

I really liked the trail 2.0 as well they offer same features but the sock itself is above the ankle boasts a "double cuff"
To insure the socks stay In place and keeps debris from
Getting into your sock- which you ultrarunners and trail runners know- trail debris- hubris and small
Rocks and dirt is another awesome
Way to get a blister or
Hot spot. -- these guys on the design floor for Injini are on it. The trail 2.0 also offers some light padding. Personally, I'm not big on padded socks for running- but these were nice- definitely wasn't super noticeable. I still felt
I could "feel" On the inside of my shoe while running.

And lastly: my favorite!! Injini has some
2.0 compression socks. Out of all the socks I demoed- these are my favorite- because I love to
Utilize compression for long trail runs and races- makes your legs feel great, i use them ESP
Day after a long ultra for recovery benefits - I find I don't get leg cramps while
Running as much wearing compression during running long races and quite simply when you are trail running in they a wearing a talk knee sock protects you from briars, sticks on the trail trying to
impale you, poison ivy, etc-- and plus if you're a chick: super cute in my humble opinion to pair knee compression socks with shortie running shorts or a running skirt- yes, guys it's all about looking cute while doing all that suffering out on the trail! So with Injini: you get the best of both worlds!! The blister prevention of a their toe sock- and benefits of compression. here are some
Pictures of Injini's compression socks

And my last favorite feature of the Injinji compression - comes with a free hair tie- didn't know if the packaging guys are aware of that but that is what I use mine for- makes a cool
Bracelet too:)

So I hope that gives all you guys a good perception of the latest line of Injini and their noticeable advancements in design. Again, i have to reiterate the durability of these socks are amazing, and I'm very excited to see how long lasting these 2.0s I have are.

I do have to thank the kind people at Injini for thinking of me to do this. I really enjoyed demoing your line (and will continue to enjoy my socks!!) very appreciative for the opportunity to do this.

Lastly, running wise: I registered for several races!! I am running jarman's marathon in Charlottesville, va on aug 2nd-

Will be running the length of the AT through Shannondoah National Park over Labor Day with a group of strong and amazing women ultrarunners.

Plan on running a big ol chunk of a long run with the yeti trail runners on the va creeper trail in oct. As a long run for Mmtr-

Running Mmtr nov 1

Hopefully running hellgate

And I am registered for fort clinch 100 miler next march 28th.

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