Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OR, TJ100k training

Well as January draws to a close, I have to say I'm Super happy how my training is going and my work/training/life balance is going as well. That has really been the biggest challenge of my adaption to my "new" life as a working mom. How to keep all the balls in the air and not drop any.

 I have to say, it's been a FABULOUS journey the past month!! I have really enjoyed getting back into some harder more challenging aspects of training, and have been incorporating a lot of speed training and anaerobic type things-- tabata, insanity type work outs, lots of plyometrics and dot drills.  and tons and tons of yoga.
Jenny has grown so tired to slogging. She knows she is way capable of running much faster. So it's been my theory that "slow running begets more slow running. Fast running begets fast running."  I know i'm training for a 100k, but  seriously felt I had to kick my slog habit right in the teeth-- and I feel SO much better.
I've been VERY SORE.. UGH that part has been hard. running faster and all the different drills-- there have been times at work I just want to roll around on a tennis ball ( which probably wouldn't even phase the MSL crew) 

but I feel ENERGIZED again. I can't even begin to explain how crappy I felt for A YEAR.  fatigued. no energy. running out of sense of duty because I had races ( that I didn't even finish)  I actually feel GOOD when I run-- I many times wondered if that would ever happen for me. Experience that rush of endorphins you get after a speedy run. Or that "I'm king of the world and super fit  feeling you get after a challenging workout"
shew. I nearly broke myself.   Glad I've made it through the other side-- I'm still running-- and going to be OKAY--- so lesson learned. I swear ( SWEAR SOPHIE)  not to make the same mistakes again-- don't get me wrong- 2012 was an amazing year.. but I did many things wrong that year  with my racing and training that cost my 2013.  which puts me at ground zero ( but oh, so full of optimism for 2014)

So adventures this month:  I did make a trip to charlottesville to preview the TJ100k course: I got to run with AJW, boys and girls!!!!! Yes, it was everything I thought it would be and more!! lol- Andy proved to be a wonderful host. I am SO looking forward to running his race, and I know he is going to knock it out to the park with this event. It looks to be an amazing and FUN race.  I was so much fun to get out of town, and run with sophie, annie, martha ( we had a marvelous time plotting future adventures ) and Marci griffin and the rest of the CATs.  I absolutely love charlottesville.. and I love my ultra running big sis, Sophie. After the run we went to Crozet and had coffee at the mud room and checked out Crozet Running. If ever in the cville area, check it out. it's an awesome store with really amazing owners!! 

Next up on my list of january adventures was a trip to OR in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was SO FUN to get to see all the latest in upcoming gear and apparel in the industry. I skied the first day at all mtn demo at solitude.

The next morning I was lucky enough to run with Adam Chase and a couple other cool fast chicks ( one of them works for runners world, and the other is a PR person with Merrell and getting ready to run her first 50k Chuckanut 50k)  Adam lead us through cool sections of down town, and we climbed and climbed up, up, up.. above the smog and then got a SWAH-EET downhill descent back into the city via City Creek Canyon. I really enjoyed the adventure, and running with some very NICE people. THANK YOU, ADAM!

 I got to meet tons of amazingly cool people at OR:

 Salomon and Suunto both have some amazing things coming up for Fall 2014. Namely the Suunto Ambit2R which is a more entry level, consumer friendly GPS at 250 bucks. it has a lot of bang for your buck. As far as the Salomon Line up I have to say I'm very excited about the fell raiser ( carrying forward from spring14 ) and the Ultra Sense Soft ground, Those are two shoes I would most certainly check out, and of course I've always been a HUGE fan of the Salomon S lab XT series. I have been running in the 6's and love them. This is probably ( maybe? the shoe I will wear for TJ 100k) either that or Salomon mantra2--  I love those too!! 

AS far as GU CREW-- there is an AWESOME contest going on right now-- Find the Golden Yeti!!  You buy a 24 pack or 8 pack case of salted carmel Gu, and like charlie and the chocolate factory, if you find the Gold pack of Gu-- you win a free 24 pack of salted carmel gu AND are entered to win a free trip for 2 to san francisco!!  and guess what?? after OR,  I came home and guess who had a golden yeti in one of her gu boxes?? ME! unsure if I qualify where I am on the GU Crew-- however it was very AWESOME to find one and I'm here to say: "THEY EXIST"!!  Secondly, I have been using with the devoutness of a zealot-- GU ROCTANE POWDER during my workouts and GU brew RECOVERY post workout.  The Gu Roctane powder I feel like super woman. I can NOT wait to race with this stuff!!! It gives me so much energy. The Gu brew recovery ensures I can run and workout the next day. I know even though I've been sore, I would be far more sore if I didn't drink protein post run.  and best thing- they both taste great.

Well, So far that is what's going on with january ( THANK YOU JANUARY FOR BEING SO COOL and AMAZINGLY KIND TO ME!) Very excited about february-- what's on tap for next month-- MSL gets it's new spring apparel-- COME CHECK IT OUT!!  Oaji, stone wear designs, patagonia, and lole for women, horny toad-- all very cool. lifestyle, yoga, running, hiking clothes-- I'm going to have a "ladies night" at the store as a launch for the new lines I'm bringing in. If interested in attending ( it's invite, after hours party-- but I will send out invitations to ANYONE who wishes to attend!! so email me and give me your email and mailing address)  ALSO after the time changes we are going to have wens night group runs at the store at 5:30pm. ALL PACES WELCOME!! Bristol really needs a running group, and I feel having MSL as the hub meeting place will be a GREAT location for downtown runs.  I will have post run refreshments  ( water and GU brew at the store) :) There is another Salomon demo in the works for later this spring.

 The dates of  the races I direct have been set for 2014. CTR 10k is August 9th at 6pm.  and the Virginian "extra mile" 6.6k is going to be Sept 27th at 10am.

I really toyed with the idea of running holiday lake 50k or Myrtle beach marathon-- but really feel I'm just going to run back to backs that weekend and perhaps jump in some shorter local runs for speed work. Planning a couple trips to asheville in feb for some bikram, yummy food and trail running.  So yay! here I am just sitting here feeling incredibly blessed and lucky. and absolutely can't wait to run tj100k in march.  no expectations other than I want to DO MY BEST. FINISH. and qualify for WS and HAVE FUN!!!!
 I absolutely love what I'm doing, and where I am. embracing the process.   here are two thoughts I want to leave you guys with: both are my mantras everyday. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking ahead to 2014

 wow. 2013 -- glad you are over.  I was going to write a blog kinda like 20 other people-- but as AJW has pointed out--- that is a dead horse that has been BEAT TO DEATH..   so here are my thoughts-
 2013 I'm thankful to you for all the important lessons you taught me. In running:  You taught me humility and grace. You taught me what it feels like to fail.    You taught me when I get knocked down, to get up. You taught me when I get told "no" to creatively find a solution to do what I want anyway!!

Professionally: you taught me I'm good at my job. The outdoor industry loves me and I love it back.  Mountain Sports is doing AWESOME business wise. So happy to be apart of such a vibrant and happy place to work. You taught me I am a great race director ( two of my races are now apart of the State of Franklin Track Club King and Queen Series: CTR 10k and Virginian Extra Mile 6.6k)

on life: you taught me I'm a good person ( who is probably too nice) and lets things bother me WAY too much when people don't treat me the way I treat them.  BUT I'm learning to not worry about others, what they think or say and just find my way by following my heart.
 I had a friend tell me a great story a couple days ago- and the moral of it was for golfing to "play the course" your opponents aren't real. it's just you against the course. The same is true for running, for business and for LIFE.. JUST RUN YOUR OWN RACE, and it is ALWAYS you against the course and no one else.

 I know my friends Sophie and Eric would be so happy how I've FINALLY accepted this for myself and am OWNING IT as my strategy for 2014.

 I can't wait to run some  ultra races, RD some road races, do GREAT THINGS AT MTN SPORTS!! ( love my job)  and promote for the companies that help me follow my dreams.
Salomon is kind enough to let me be an ambassador again this year. I'm SO THRILLED to get to do this again. I love salomon shoes. They really work for me, and  their gear ( hydration packs and apparel) have come SO FAR.  The company itself -- the people within the company are so special. Talented athletes and runners themselves and they just really want to see you do well. That encouragement and support has been amazing for me:) THANK YOU SALOMON RUNNING!!  and Suunto-- hands down the Ambit 2 is my favorite piece of gear/training tool. SO easy to use and the movescount.com site is awesome.

 I'm so happy to be apart of the GU CREWagain this year. Gu is such a great company to get to represent and I'm truly appreciative to them for their help. If you haven't tried the salted carmel GU yet-- my goodness you are missing out because it's incredible!!
 I have some big goals for 2014- but I know they are attainable because THIS YEAR, I'm setting myself up for success.  I am not running 100s this year.. unless I go crazy and decide to run Grindstone again. right now its MMTR hellgate combo for the fall, not grindstone hellgate.   but I really feel for this year I need to run under the 100 mile distance and focus on my speed- and hopefully 2015 will be another year for an ONE hundred miler--  that starts in squaw valley. :)

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2014 for is WAITING FOR US! Don't just wait for amazing things to happen to you. Make them happen for yourself.  You are in the driver's seat concerning your  own happiness and accomplishments. RUN YOUR OWN RACE.  My next adventure is Winter OR in Salt Lake city later this month:) Cant wait to see all the new gear in store for fall 2014 season. Rumor has it that suunto is coming out with a new ambit model with a price point comparable to Garmin Forerunner series to be unveiled at OR. :)