Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Additions at Mountain Sports!

  hey guys!  this is a new type of post for me and my next post will be complete devoted to my running and training.  I am just so excited about all the awesome changes and additions to the store I'm a buyer for, Mountain Sports, Ltd.
I wanted to write a blog post to show my readers some of the awesome things we have in the store- and show case some of my favorites. A lot of it will have to do with foot ware.. and right now, the store is STOCKED TO THE GILLS with shoes..

 New to the Salomon line up at the store ( we have Mission XR, EA pro's, Synapse low cut hikers)  is one of my favorite shoes that I pretty much do all my running in- road, hybrid trail, single track. This shoe pretty much fits the bill for a work horse that can do it all. SALOMON MANTRA2

BOTH OF THESE WE HAVE IN STOCK FOR THE WOMEN SIDE and the men have two colors to choose from as well.  This is the shoe I will probably wear for TJ 100k that I have coming up. It's light, responsive, but protective ,enough cushioning -- it's pretty much the perfect shoe offered from Salomon.  

I'm really excited that Mountain Sports Now has MONTRAILS on the wall!! We have The Mtn Masochist 2 for both men and women. What the mantra is to Salomon, the masochist is for Montrail. 9oz-- protective toe box, great rock plate, very grippy tread.  It's the perfect shoe for ultra trail running distances 50k to 100miles. 

Okay so after you are done trail running you need a cool recovery shoe to air out those tootsies and make your feet feel nice?? I'm crazy in love with the CHACO REVERSI FLIP
 It comes with a solid black thong-  and that is great- but you  buy these packs of  chaco flip thongs with different patterns and colors-- you end of with 6 different pairs of flip flops?! great if you like to color coordinate-- or I'm just rationalizing after one wears out you simply replace the webbing with another from the pack-- and with the chaco lowers.. you KNOW these flip flops are going to last you until you are like 80. seriously the best idea and probably the last pair of flip flops you will ever need to buy. 

 on the hiking side, Mountain Sports brought in Salewa for Men in Fall 13 and they did VERY well. Salewa is an up and coming brand that I'm really excited about and love their products.  For spring we decided to bring in the women's wildfire as a low cut hiker and scrambling/approach shoe. This shoe has VERY sticky rubber/ vibram sole and the uppers are so well made. you do feel like you are wearing climbing shoes almost.  and they are so comfy. They aren't marketed as a running shoe and the rep actually tells you-- don't run in these-- they aren't designed for it--  think climbing and mountaineering. 
 great for super rocky hikes like up on Mt Rogers. 

Still in hiking another newer company I just love ( and the rep is a cool ultra runner and a friend) is Ahnu. Ahnu has made a big splash at  Mountain sports with it's Montara Hiker. and we have TONS of those in every color of the rainbow-- water proof, all weather hiker for women. if you are looking for a high top hiker with ankle support- this is a great shoe, and it's stylish-- you can wear it to the grocery store-- you can wear it for a 20 mile hike on a backpacking trip. Anhu personifies the women I try to buy for in the store-- the girl who does it all- and wants cute but functionality and COMFORT. 
SO for spring I am introducing the sugar pine  both HI TOP and LOW cut.. from the anhu line
 Outside and Backpacker have both given the sugar pine and Montara great reviews.  The Sugarpine just has this great lighter material instead of all leather but still waterproof.  Just a great hiker.  I'm so excited about these shoes! They literally make me want to go camping and hiking just looking at them. 

Okay, moving in another direction- YOGA clothes, RUNNING clothes for women-  Mountain sports has some AMAZINGLY cute, functional and AWESOME lines for Women's activewear. 
I'm going to show you two pieces  from patagonia I'm full on addicted to and wear so frequently my husband asks-- didn't you wear that yesterday?? umm.. no… er maybe...

The gloyra wrap and racer back tank from Patagonia both of these are made from a very soft technical fiber.. very stretchy- but wicks sweat away and SOO comfortable..  and freaking cute!!!  I want one of every color! lol. guess what? you can get them at mtn sports! 
 Another current obsession of mine is the Exofficio Chica cool line-- ANYTHING FROM IT-- but right now I wear my hoody.. it's so cute, looks so great on, and I love the retro 70's look of the material.  and it's really a technical piece.. I even wear it running.

 in addition to some other AMAZING yoga pants, cropped capris, sports bras--
 Here are the lines we have in the store currently on the Women's side ( and have a GREAT selection of each) 
Lole- we have dresses, yoga and running clothes and next month will have lole yoga mats and yoga towels
Ojai- great story the owners of ojai is the original designer for patagonia and it's almost ALL made in the USA. great stuff.

Stonewear Designs -- great little company from Colorado- the rep is a professional rock climber originally from KY-- they rep in house, made in the USA and they make great clothes. 
 and fall 14 ( starting in august Mtn sports will have TONS of prana

and KAVU accessories-- you asked we got it christmas-- we sold through it ALL we got more of it_ 
That kinda is the tip of the iceberg-- but there are some NEW and exciting things going on at Mountain Sports
BUT YOU HAVE TO GO THERE to experience it. Sure you can click on the links and pay too high shipping charges to bring it to you- but shopping at a local, independent outdoor retailer-- you are keeping your money in the tri-ciites, getting great costumer service and hopefully a really positive fun experience-- because going to an outdoor store and buying gear  in itself SHOULD BE VERY FUN, HAPPY, POSITIVE experience. 

and ladies-- you don't have to go asheville or knoxville, or johnson city anymore for your yoga clothes, running clothes or cute outdoor wear--  WE HAVE IT ALL RIGHT HERE IN BRISTOL, RIGHT NOW.  :)  and isn't that AWESOME?!  It's seriously a dream realized for me! 

 I love my job and working for mtn sports so much, the people I work for are so nice, and my co-workers are such great people. It is a happy place and never really feels laborious- even when checking in items and putting out stock.  It would be AMAZING for you all that are local to come by the store and check everything out- I know I focused on the women's side but the men have great  gear as well:)
 and surly pugslys-- we have those!!! highly intelligent aussie not included

 Running happy at Sugar Hollow Park in my Mantra2's