Monday, May 4, 2009

at NMB for a week!

 hey.. sorry to not have posted in so long!  I have been so busy the past month!

I am on day 68 of P90x! and still seeing very good results!! I will post some pictures in a couple days.  Also, I have been upping my mileage and running pretty much everyday.. and at least biking for an hour on my stationary bike on the days I haven't been able to get away. Which surprisingly have worked out well.  I really think that the p90x has supplemented my running because of all the stretching I do every work out, the yoga x dvd, and all the core work/upper body work outs. I had just never really focused on these areas before, and I really think they are making me definitely fitter and stronger ( hopefully faster!)

 I have received several more entries for CTR 10k! ( yay!) In the planning stages still for several things. I am leaning strongly to having medals for age group and the pottery platters for all my over all awards.. cost isn't really the issue.. they pretty much cost the same,but I was just wondering what the masses would more enjoy??? any thoughts???

The shirt is going to be awesome this year. It's going to be a technical fiber shirt still but with different graphics. 

so we are at North myrtle beach at my inlaw's house at barefoot landing. I am sure most of you saw on the new last week, that there was a forrest fire here at barefoot and many homes were destroyed. :o( My inlaw's house was spared from the inferno, but it has been really somber to run through what used to be some of the prettiest neighborhoods and see the charred remains of houses. :o( many demolition crews are working very hard to clear the debris and make them empty lots for the owner to begin rebuilding. 
other than that,  I have got to run every day :o) yay! and then spend quality time with brock and the boys we went to the beach today. The weather has been very nice. ( 85F and clear) the past several days. 
 here are several pictures i have taken so far this trip: ( sorry this blog is so choppy but I am kinda in a hurry typing this):o)

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Some guy named John said...

Have a great time at the beach! And I hope I'll see you at Varmint (though please don't be offended if I don't recognize you right away; I'm lousy with faces).