Monday, September 14, 2009

bays mtn practice run

This past saturday I ran over the Bays mtn trail race course with the IMTR's. It's 15 miles with both service roads and single track. I feel it's a great mixture of both. It's going to be a difficult race because I feel it's going to be MUCH faster than IMTR 16 miler. I'm already getting my game face on, and trying to formulate my race plan. I looked at last year's times, and I feel I can finish it in about 2:30 or so. However, in order to achieve that I am going to have to work very hard the entire race!:o)

This course is very pretty and teaming with wildlife. We saw many deer, heard owls and the bays mtn wolves howling from across the lake.
The where several highlights of the run saturday for me: 1. climbing the fire tower with beth, rick and jj. I had never been up there before and the views were AMAZING!!

There were some VERY nice sections of very runable single track that I REALLY enjoyed especially pretty ridge trail, going around the lake ( lakeside trail) and the wet lands.

upon finishing the run, we headed back to the parking lot and out of a cooler, JJ produced a fresh baked loaf of bread he made the day prior in his brick oven ( aptly named "breadzilla") and some red zinger tea ( again that he had made himself from hibiscus) BOTH were so wonderful! and really hit the spot. I have to go on and say that running with the IMTR's is such a positive experience for me. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, patient. They are such an inclusive group of people. Not to mention, they are all GREAT athletes!! I really am so appreciative to them for taking me under their wing, and I really love my new friends:o) ( and 2X love my old friends ( beth:o) it's really been awesome to be able to run with her again!!

well, I'll let you guys know how saturday goes!!! WOO! can't wait. I can't believe I am already nervous about this race! My brain starts HUMMING everytime I even think about it! It's only monday!! yikes!!

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Rick Gray said...

Yikes Nothing! You will do great. We are so glad that you are now a PART OF US and we love you back. Helping, encouraging and being there is what we do, but of course that all gets mingled in with a little trail running. The trick Saturday is going to get up to the fire tower feeling good and not too winded. Once you get there, then you can begin to open up and pass all of those road runners! Relax and don't let the kids wear you out too much this week. See you Saturday morning, Rick