Monday, January 11, 2010

sunday run on the AT/IMT

Here are some pictures from my run in Damascus with JJ and Beth today.  A day in the mountains is such a gift! We had so much fun playing in the snow! Beth made snow angels!
 It was a little chilly! (20F) but such a beautiful day-- with the sun shining and blue skies( I had really missed the sun)  I absolutely run loving with beth and JJ! and they came bearing treats!! Beth made me a BUCKET of christmas cookies, and JJ brought me some homemade granola that he and his wife, bonnie had made. :o) YUMMY!!! thanks guys! I really appreciate the wonderful food, and awesome company! SO happy I have such wonderful friends!
 I registered for Terrapin Mtn 50k on march 27th!! and I think IMTR's will be out in full force representing! :oP


Triple F said...

WOW!! Love these pics! Looks like a fun (but cold!) day@

I really miss running in the mountains with all the winter snow and GREAT winter views! The flatlands of eastern NC just aren't the same!


Rick Gray said...

You always make me miss running with you three. I wish Tammy and I could have come out to play Sunday. I am glad you registered for Terrapin. You will enjoy it. Get ready to climb and just be glad you are thin so you can get through Fat Man's Misery easily. Rick

jenn said...

thanks so much Frank and Rick!!
Frank, I know what you mean about missing the mtns. I lived in louisiana for two years when I attended grad school at SLU in hammond. I think there is just something so familiar and safe, secure about the appalachian mtns.. especially if you grew up here. :o)

Rick: I MISS YOU AND TAMMY!! let's try to plan to get everyone together to run very soon!! :o)