Saturday, February 13, 2010

The marathon that never was...

well folks, if you haven't heard about it, Myrtle Beach Marathon was canceled at 10pm the night before the race due to a freak snow storm that hit the south Friday. :o( I really feel that this was just a case of panic and mass hysteria on the part of the city-- I awoke to yes, SNOW on the trees and grass, but the roads and sidewalks had ZERO snow on them!! I really feel they should of just had either a later start, or just left it up to the 7,000 registered runners on whether or not they wished to participate.

However, it was what it was... SO at 8am, my friend Charity McDaneil ( who hails from Tazewell, VA) John Clarke ( Philly, PA) and Scott Guber( Nyc) (all of us were registered for the full marathon) embarked upon an epic 19 mile "fun run" through north myrtle beach.

Charity and I ran onto the beach and took pictures of the snow and then we made snow angels post run!! ( FUN) Neither of us carried any water, so by the end of the 19 miles I was SOO thirsty and having calf cramps( I will never run that far without water again if I can help it!)

Then after the run we cleaned up and went to lunch at burro loco! Met up with some State of Franklin Track Club friends who were also in town for the marathon. :o) So while I didn't get to run my race ( Boo!) I did end up having a nice day.

I plan on running Black mtn trail marathon in 2 weeks on feb 27th. So I am just focusing on that! :o)

here are some pictures from today!! :o) Hope you enjoy me in my crazy, tacky get-up!!! I look like a pirate I think with the hoop earrings!! ARRRR!!!

Shout out to all my friends who ran Holiday Lake 50k today!! WOO!! Love yall!!!!


sharon said...

Hi Jenn! Saw your post on Matt's FB...That completely sucks that your marathon was cancelled! Bet you make up for it next week! Fun to read your blog about your first 50K. Matt is coaching me to my first 60K in April (Also my first Ultra)

Happy running to you!!


jenn said...

thanks sharon!!! Good Luck to you as you prepare for your first ultra!!!60k!!! AWESOME!!!! it will be an adventure you'll always remember! :o) Matt will have you race ready! :o)

take care and great to hear from you!!!


Some guy named John said...

Wow! I'll bet there were lots of ticked off runners in Myrtle Beach.

jenn said...
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jenn said...

jenn said...
oh about 7,000 runners who all paid 75 bucks, spent $$ on gas, lodging and food.. not to mention the training and planning for the event..
there were some UPSET people.

I just chose to be detached from all that because: "it was what it was..." no changing it.. and being mad or upset wouldn't fix anything-- just ruin my day:o) so I just went for a long run!!:o)
thousands of others did the same!! EVERYONE I know signed up for the marathon ran a 20 miler yesterday:o)
I felt sorry for first time marathoners, and people peaked for this race to BQ etc.. it sucks.. but what can you do? :oP

Rick Gray said...

Jenny, As we were traveling up the road to Holiday Lake, Beth was back there texting with you. I know it is upsetting to have a race cancel like that, but you have a great attitude. Afterall, there was nothing you could do to change that decision. You did the right thing about going out and running a long run. Running waterless was a bit extreme. Your ultra buddies will have a discussion with you cancerning that mistake. But you are safe and sound. If you got too bad, you could just head into a hotel or condo complex and get a drink. Nothing like being out in the woods for hours and hours. Keep your focus on Black Mountain. You are going to have a great time, but we are all just wondering how deep the snow will be. The question is not if we will have snow, but how much. Guesses are off about the ice. Anyway, great attitude, but this will only make you stronger for Black Mountain. See you in two weeks. Rick

jenn said...

thanks rick! I know!!! I really wasn't thinking when I didn't carry h20.. it was definitely a ( known better situation) I didn't have a handheld with me because I was just going to use the aid for the marathon, and in my excitement to go run, I just didn't even think about water... UNTIL About mile 18.. I kept having the urge to eat snow and my calves started knotting up so bad.. I literally felt like crying..
the last mile was miserable!! so lesson learned there!!
I can't wait to see you guys at black mtn!!

love yall!! glad you had fun at holiday lake!!! ( really wish I had just ran that one!)

The Sean said...

Judging by the looks of the trail for the upcoming race, this may have been a blessing. I think you'll be able to get in plenty of work at Black Mtn:)

Rick Gray said...

Jenny, I guess you had not planned on using a hand held at the marathon so I will let you by with that one. I would not have been prepared either, but I guess we both have learned a lesson. Never go anywhere without at least a hand held bottle. With hindsight I know you would have rather been with us, but these things happen. Don't dwell on that. Look towards Black Mountain. It is going to be tough.

saschasdad said...

I absolutely LOVE the snow angels!

You and your friends had the right attitude because there wasn't anything you could do about the race being canceled. Way to compromise and just run. And really, you proved to yourself you didn't need a bottle with you. I don't suggest that often, but occasionally I do that to remind myself that we humanscreally do have a lot of reserves (water, fat, etc).

jenn said...

Sean! my new friend and partner in crime!! thanks! We had a great day and I just tried to focus on the positive. I made it way further than I ever thought I would without h20, but I really needed a salt tab and a banana once I got back to the house! drank some nuun etc. it's good to know that I don't have to completely tank up all the time.. sometimes I'm bad to drink like every 2 min or something if I have my nathan pack on.

I saw where you didn't carry a handheld for hagg lake-- at my 50k in jan my hose on the nathan pack froze.. and I had to just rely on the aid stations every 6 miles.. it really wasn't "that bad" I was never thirsty during the race, but it took me a couple days to get my hydration back up. I think it's good to just be flexible... that way your race isn't destroyed mentally if things don't go your way. :o)
take care!!