Tuesday, March 22, 2011

late winter/spring training: JAX WY, CRA and the tacky leprechaun

Hey it's been FOREVER since I've posted it seems! I've been pretty busy with life, training and other adventures all the while preparing for my next race: Terrapin Mtn 50k. I thought I would do a post and share some pictures from what's been going on with me the past month.

Several days after Holiday Lake ( I had a pretty easy recovery from that race, I feel given the fact I ran the first half so slow and conservative) Brock and I jumped on a plane and spent 5 days in Jackson Hole, Wy to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We had a blast. We stayed at our fav place in the teton village: the snake river lodge:o) We skied 3 days ( it was AMAZING skiing there this year, it snowed tons everyday!) I got in some great runs in the snow, We went to GTNP and got some great wildlife pictures, and we hung out in Jackson a couple afternoons and ate some yummy food! Oh, and I got to see one of my favorite bluegrass bands live at the Mangy Moose: HOT BUTTERED RUM :o)

The snake river in GTNP
a mature bald eagle chillin
a moose ( cow) laying down in the trees
The majestic Tetons ( and some clouds) I love, love, love wyoming...
Brock and Jenny on the banks of a very frozen Jackson Lake and it was about 10F that morning.. BRR!
me in Jackson town square. across from the million dollar cowboy bar and the cadillac grille ( I love the cadillac grill-- they have moose drool on tap :o)

As soon as Brock and I returned back to Va. I had ANOTHER adventure in store for me and I couldn't wait!! I was lucky enough to get invited to go run Catawba Run Around ( thanks sophie!!) which is a 36.04 mile adventure on the AT.. that includes: dragons tooth, the tinker cliffs and McAfee's Knob. SERIOUS climbing over 9000 ft of vert on very technical and rocky trails. Beth, Rick and Doug Blackford also were running, along with SO many of my friends from the VHTRC and WVMTR :o)
The weather forecast wasn't very good. high 40's and rain. :o( boo. I knew going into the run, I probably wouldn't get to see all those amazing overlooks. BUT I knew 1. I'd get much needed time on my feet 2. and get to have alot of fun in the mtns with my friends!
Beth, Rick ( who had ran Mt Mitchell Challenge the week before) and I ran with Dave Sniper and Doug Sullivan and we just had a blast "fun running" We pretty much goofed off for 36 miles.. but the good thing was we were smiling and laughing and pretty much pain free at the finish.. so that was nice! :o) I WILL be back next year to run this event and see all the views and run in the sunshine!!
here are some pictures from that adventure:
in front of dragon's tooth

The IMTR's on dragon's tooth and Sniper captured Rick at a vulnerable angle ( hee, hee)
There were bottles of knob creek all over the place during the run... ( cough gary knipling cough)
Beth and I expressing our opinion of the view from McAfee's that day
Beth, Doug Sullivan, Me, Rick Gray

And this past weekend was the IMTR annual super awesome event: The Tacky Leprechaun trail run. This year we ran our bread and butter 9.3 mile loop on the AT/ IMT in Damascus ( last year we ran 24 miles) but given the fact we had WAY more people this year, we decided to have a fun, light run and stick together as a group. Post run we noshed on guiness cupcakes with bailey's frosting and then went to the whistlepig cafe ( trailside on the Va creeper trail) for a wonderful lunch.
I also have to add that we had a couple new members to the group. Rebecca and Dana Loyd ( love yall!) were nice enough to come run with us! and we hope to share the trail with them VERY SOON! And this is so random, but when we were in the parking lot getting ready to leave this guy ( who was there visiting from Winston- Salem NC and there to bike the Creeper Trail) asked us what we were doing. Rick told him trail running and invited him to come run with us, and he did!!! Viveka: you are a super cool dude for being so spontaneous! I think so many of us could take a page out of your book and live a much FULLER life to step out of our comfort zone and try new things, hang out with new people and check out new places! Thanks so much for spending the morning with us! I know we'll run again together soon!! :o)

Tacky leprechaun Group shot

Kathleen Cusick and I chatting it up before the run
JJ and Dana in their kilts!
socializing with grossman and Annette before climbing up beech grove trail
Eric Grossman in his batik sarong
I love this picture.. sorry kathleen I had to post it even if you are making a weird face... I love JJ's expression in this picture!
my running buddies: eric, annette, kathleen, rick and beth-- love you all!
beth and aliese contemplating... WHY eric's arm sleeves are so baggy

Our newest members: Viveka, Dana and Rebecca

the IMTR's fav hangout THE WHISTLE PIG!!


The Sean said...

Great stuff all around:)

Sophie Speidel said...

You have had some great adventures!!! So glad you could come to CRA and I am getting psyched to see the gang again at Terrapin. Let's hope for cool and no rain :-)

See you soon!

eminnick said...

if the rest of 2011 is this much fun I don't know if I can keep up :)

JJ Jessee said...

Love the WY and the Dragon Tooth photos. Best wishes for the Terrp.

Rick Gray said...

2011 is going to bring on so much fun. Could a person get tired of having fun? I know I will not. Jenny, sorry I missed the trip to Jackson Hole (no invite), but Catawba and St. Patty's Day run were spectacular. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend at Terrapin. I like Sophie wish for no rain, but I have a feeling we are going to get wet so probably another foggy adventure!

annette bednosky said...

You have a full life Jenny!
Awesome post! I totally thought of you and Kathleen and Beth and Rick and others this past Saturday! I am looking forward to reading a post!