Tuesday, May 10, 2011

pacing at MMT! :O)

it's been awhile since I've posted.. thought I would catch you guys up to speed a little. ( or really explain how very slow things have been) post PL: went to the dr.. she thought i had bronchitis ( but didn't do a chest x-ray) just prescribed me antibiotics to take for 12 days. ( fun!) I started to think more along the lines that I had pneumonia based upon my brown blood tinged phlem:oP YUCK.... that hung on FOR DAYS even on the meds.. I was like doc holiday with the consumption... just bury me up at glenwood springs.. :/
well, even now.. post round o antibiotics still coughing ( but not as deep, more of a dry hack) and my breathing kinda sucks.. but I'm pretty much back to running normally again. Ready to begin my new training cycle to get ready for highlands sky 40.

This weekend I'm jumping back in with both feet to pace my good buddy Kathleen Cusick at MMT 100 the last 37 miles or so. I'm really excited because this is my first time pacing, AND being at a 100 mile race!! I feel it's going to be a GREAT experience ( since I really would like to run a 100 next year) AND kathleen is SO fun.. so I know we'll have a good time saturday night running over those rocks in the rain, fog and darkness. :o)

OKAY, SO ANY ADVICE about pacing??? I'm pretty sure I understand "the rules" -- keeping her on schedule nutrition wise and moving along ( don't get lost lol) etc.. but if anyone has ANY great advice about pacing someone the latter part of a 100 I'm a sponge at the moment... ready to absorb any info.


Rick Gray said...

Jenny, You are going to have a ball pacing Kathleen. She loves to sing, although I have never been close to her in a 100 miler. When she gets to you I don't know if she likes alot of talking or if she likes things quiet. One piece of advise that you already know, is that when we runners get tired, we get iritable. Don't take it personally. I am so greatful for Tammy and Beth taking care of me this weekend. We are all going to have a great time.

jenn said...

thanks rick! can't wait to see everyone this weekend! I already have had a similar conversation with kathleen that if she EVER needs me to shut up.. to please tell me that it wouldn't hurt my feelings. I'm going to try to just be in tune with what she needs as far as me talking and being funny or me being quite and just being there. :o)

exciting!!! have a good race this weekend! see you at the finish! and you never know! you maybe right there with kathleen for this one! you have been running really well this year!!

Sophie Speidel said...


You will love being at MMT. The entire event is top-notch and the AS are awesome.

Pacing thoughts...as a runner in a 100, by the time I pick up my pacer I am either really psyched to chat or not at all. Make sure you and Kathleen talk ahead of time about the chatting thing, b/c it can be hard to tell your pacer "I don't feel like talking". I told Gretchen (WS), Mike (MMT) and Michele(Gstone) that if I am quiet, leave me be and don't talk.

Kathleen will be competing for one of the top-3 spots and most likely will need you tell her how far ahead the next women are (if she isn't in the lead like she was for most of the event last year). If you can take note of how the other girls look(ed) as they came through the AS before you start pacing, that can be a huge boost. Also, be aware of where the other ladies are on the trail, i.e. right behind you, in the AS, etc. Michele got me in and out of the mile 80 AS at Gstone super quick b/c she saw the next woman (I was clueless at that point). That gave me a huge boost of adrenaline which is what I needed at that point. So, a big part of your job with a fast runner is to be aware of the competition and use that info to motivate.

Carry extra gels, Aleve, S caps, Nuun, whatever she likes/needs. Mike didn't have anything on him when I puked between Edinburg and Woodstock, and if he had I would have benefited from a gel as soon as I puked (post-puke is the best time to take a gel, despite your runner telling you she isn't interested---make her take it). Also, carry small ziploc bags with you and take food out of the AS with you for Kathleen---at the Visitors Center and the Picnic Area (75 and 85ish) they should have bacon, eggs, etc and that protein is key for the that late in the race that you can give her to nibble on the trail between AS.

I paced Marlin at MMT in 2009 and had a total blast. You will bond with your runner and experience all the highs and lows---just be sure you don't let her drop (unless she is seriously injured). Mike B would not let me drop in 2005 despite my tears and whining...I slept for a few hours at mile 85 and walked it in. Sooooo glad I did. MMT is one course where you can walk it in and still make the cut-off.

Any more Qs send me a note on FB! Have fun---I hope to see you out there somewhere.

jenn said...

sophie! perfect!! this is just what I wanted! thanks for all the excellent advice. You are my fast girl/ultra running mentor:o)
That is one reason kathleen wanted me to pace her was because she feels I'll keep her "competitive" in the latter sections of the race lol.. but it weighs heavily on me to keep her rolling along and RUNNING if she can because I want to keep plenty of distance between us and any other females so even if they surge hard the last 50k they can't get us. ( fingers crossed) that is our plan. 100 miles is a long way, and I hope it all works out the way we want. but I think we are flexible enough we can roll with whatever and keep on moving forward:o)

I def will be mindful of all the things you mentioned. You had some super suggestions ( the ziploc baggie for food) keeping her on task with her nutrition etc.

Thanks so much for this! hope to see you soon hopefully this weekend( and memorial day weekend for rip rap )