Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 CTR 10k

this is what the race is ALL about!!! Helping students reach their academic goals!

volunteers jj, rick, and beth during the pre-race thunderstorm
IMTR Tim Lamie
We all loved Jim Bower's outfit
Robin Grossman and I before the race
We loved Jim's outfit so much, I asked for a 2nd photo
Former 9th district congressman Rick Boucher made a cameo appearance on the Va creeper trail
CTR 10k start
beth getting drenched after doing a good deed: putting up my mom's sunroof
VERY happy to have John Mongle and Jock the superdog volunteer at this year's race!!


RACE PHOTOS HERE and HERE ( thanks so much to John Mongle and Andy Bunn for being my race photographers this year!

My family and I were just SO overjoyed at the turn out this year. It was SO amazing at the start of the race to look out and see just a SEA of friendly faces and friends!! THANK YOU to ALL who participated, who volunteered, who sponsored or was connected to the race in anyway! Thank you to all my trail running, ultra running and road running friends who came out and supported the race either by volunteering, running or getting their friends to come run! I am just SO continually humbled by the kindness of the running community. I love you guys!

I really worked SO hard on the race, so it was amazingly WONDERFUL that everything went smoothly, and I really truly hoped everyone ( runners, walkers, volunteers, spectators) ALL had a great time. I really think having the race during the evening worked VERY well and we plan to do that again next year.

one special volunteer, Rob French and his wife drove all the way from high point, NC to volunteer for Todd's 10k. The next morning I hosted a "morning after" fun run on the AT at Mt Rogers to just blow off some steam and have fun! Rob came and ran with Ginger Stewart ( another great friend, volunteer, runner and cyclocross goddess) This was Ginger's first trail run on technical and she did GREAT!! and here are some of the pictures of from the morning run on Mt rogers:

rob, myself and ginger at the start of the run! it was 59F much welcome break from the heat!
AT at mt rogers
ginger Rocking the single track!!


Rob French said...

My wife and I had a wonderful time volunteering at the CTR. Perfect setting for a great event. Your brother would be proud. What a great touch to have the scholarship recipeints present... puts a real face on the race.

The run w/ Ginger on the AT/Mt. Rogers capped off a killer weekend. Sara was in great spirits when I got back to Damascus to pick her up at the coffee shop... she did some reading, an hour walk on the Creeper and was sitting in the sun on that cool SW VA morning when I arrived. She's still talking bout your race, playing with the Grossman girls and all my ultra trail running friends. She's doing an early morning run right now (maybe I can get her on the trails?)

Rick Gray said...

Rob, Sara will be on the trails before long.

Jenny, CTR was just perfect. You continue to make it even more perfect if that can happen.

Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

looks like a beautiful course!!!