Monday, January 23, 2012

umstead 100 training picto blog

views from the ridgeline of brumley mtn
frozen grossman
biggest hoar frost I've seen in my life
happy to be actually running in the snow
view from top of white top during my NYE run
view from buzzards rock NYE "over the top" run
me and my best buddy from high school hiking up white top mtn on the AT
snowy brumley mtn long run
post interval run on the creeper trail in my HG 100k T!
Sweet maverick the super Aussie during sunday morning long run
Robin Grossman running through the morning sunlight on treasure mtn
me and my puppy! love him so much
nice views during yesterday's morning run.

TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING. That is what is up with jennyd nichols right now. Little Jenny is running her heart out these days. I recovered from hellgate 100k, had a WONDERFUL holiday season full of time with family and friends. I shifted gears pretty much post christmas and started training officially for umstead 100 first week in january. ( even though I ran 24 miles on NYE with the IMTR's at over the top)
So far things are going well training wise. I'm just enjoying being super active and having a goal to work towards. I'm working out at the YMCA a couple times a week on my easy days usually before an easy 60 min morning run, spin biking, incorporating yoga once a week in my routine. and running wise: one day speed work, couple days later tempo run, couple days later back to back long runs ( weekends). I'm recovering from my workouts okay. Feeling taxed and labored while I'm in the moment, but pretty much good to go by the next morning. So I think I have a good balance there.
Little daunting after running 66.6 miles and knowing how much more I have to run for umstead. BUT I have tons of confidence due to the technical conditions of HG vs. how non technical umstead is--
but that being said : 1. 100 miles is a 100 miles, and 2. runnable courses offer their own special set of challenges that mtn 100's do not. I think mostly it's about self control and not being greedy at the start. making yourself be on a schedule and sticking to it from the start. I think for umstead I'm going to run 24 min and walk 4 min. and stay on that schedule. and starting slow etc. if any 100 milers out there have ANY advice to offer up, I'm MORE than all ears!
more than anything, I'm fairly confident I can complete the distance and am aware of the roller coaster ride it's going to be. I feel I've learned enough the past couple years, to just work through my tough patches and keep moving forward.
It's amazing the journey of natural progression my ultrarunning has taken me on. 3 years ago, a 50k was practically an insurmountable distance. I couldn't fathom running 50 miles, then 50 miles grew-- comfy in 2011. So I know 100 miles is going to kick my butt, but I would really like to think I can reach a point to be able to adapt, and it be my "new normal".

next up for me is HOLIDAY LAKE 50k! I'm using this run as a long run, going to have to run another long run the day after. Goals for this race would be to run it faster than last year, but as far as racing goals for HL, I have zero. pretty much the plan is like sophie had me run last year. start slow. sit in the first loop, then work hard the last loop. :)
okay, so any umstead advice, you guys feel free to comment, or email etc!


The Sean said...

Having not run your distances I have little too offer except this; sounds like your training is on the mark! Lots of variety of speed (including high intensity), recovering well too. With your determination you will succeed!

Sabrina Moran said...

Those pictures are so pretty!! My Umstead advice is to make sure you get enough road training in. I trained predominantly on trails for it, and my feet were battered because the surfaces there are so hard. Good luck! This is awesome!!

jenn said...

thanks sean! appreciate your vote of confidence! :)
Sabrina! thanks for the FYI. I have been running my tempos and morning runs ( about 60 min 5 times a week) on pavement. do you think that is enough? do you think I should do more? IE long runs on pavement? thanks so much for the advice! super appreciate it!

Rick Gray said...

You will be just fine at Umstead. My biggest obstacles at Umstead have been running the first 50k like I was running a 50 miler. It is very hard to stay slow. Even though it is not road, it pounds like your legs just like the road. I hate to say this, but if you can get a few long runs in on the road, you will fair so much better. For example, four to five hours on the road.

jenn said...

Thanks, Rick! Super appreciate it! I'll try to do my long run this weekend on the road:)

Triple F said...

You are approaching this so wisely! I honestly have 100% confidence in your success.

My advice is to run this one just to finish. That is one hell of an accomplishment. Then, your future 100s can all be about time and improvement. But get this one done first.

That advice from a three time 100 mile failure!

Casseday said...

Just make sure you have your head right before Umstead (whatever that might mean for you -- we're all different in this regard). I'd much rather run a 100-miler under-trained with the proper mental outlook, then perfectly trained with a lax mentality. I think you already understand this, but it's far more important in a 100-miler than any of the shorter ultra distances.

James @ morethanpaceandstride said...

Cool you'll be at HL50k!
I'll be sure to say hello.
I've enjoyed "following" you through your journey thus far and I know eventually I'll be reading about how amazing your experience at Umstead was!

The "dragon" I'm trying to slay for 2012 is going to be Masochist50m in November. until then I'm going to enjoy a lot of 50k events and run longer when I can. I like reading about your training and how you are preparing with your long runs. I've learned a lot from your experiences, and I'm making progress. Thank you for that.

Any chance you will consider a 24 hour event like Hinson Lake in September? it's a long way away, but selling out fast.

jenn said...

thanks frank! I will just go for the finish. :) that is the plan totally.

Adam: thanks I def will work on getting my mind right. I TOTALLY get that! it's a line from "cool hand luke!" but I agree the longer the distance, the more mental toughness and perception plays a factor in your success or failure.

james! thanks so much! see you at HL 50k! you'll love the LUS series. hinson lake: I don't think this year, because where 100's are def a NEW thing for me, require so much training and I have 2 small kids.. I promised my husband no more than one 100 mile race per year for a couple years:) it looks like a great ( and fast) event though! my plan for next year is the beast series so my one 100 miler will be grindstone:)

Rob French said...

Hey Jenny, you have received some great advice. Sounds like you have it together and have a good preparation training plan. As you know, I'm no veteran of 100 milers but I do have the perspective of a 1st time 100 miler at last years Umstead. I totally agree with Adam... you need to prepare mentally. I was lucky I think, in that, physically everything went well for me but it was really tough mentally to have tired legs for so many hours. In prep I did 2 50k's and a couple of 35 mile training runs. I did a lot of supplemental walking/hiking as well. If I had to do over I'd also do some long days of easy running and hiking over 5 hours. Just my "2 cents"...