Sunday, March 25, 2012

reflecting back: all trails lead to umstead 100

hey! well, it's taper time, and most of my friends can identify with "taper-tandrums". You aren't running as much, have tons of energy, and where to channel it?! well, I've pretty much spent the past week obsessing over my box o junk and rick grey- type first aid/blister kit/tackle box. and packed for umstead. All ready to roll.

now what to do, I decided yesterday to scroll back through all my pictures on iphoto. and That is when I got the idea to just make one big slide show starting with my first 50k to present. it's everything, solo training runs, races, group runs. So many memories, epic stories and friendships foraged from having so much fun in the mtns, epic weather, suffering together, post run tailgating:)

I'm so thankful for this journey I'm on, and the people in my life. If you guys don't care, PLEASE think positive thoughts for me on Saturday, march 31- into april 1 and no, the irony is not lost on me that i'll get my first 100 mile finish on April Fool's Day. :)
Sorry for some of blurry pictures.. this took so long to upload I didn't have the heart to go back and edit them out! lazy! :) and also fat man's misery is in there twice but seeing out it took all the hide off both forearms at my first terrapin, and I missed the hole punch and had to go back at my second terrapin, it earns two spots:) grr!
** the two songs are songs I LOVE to run to on my ipod.. the first is Leftover salmon "breaking through" love the lyrics in this song. favorite line is "careful watch you wish for, you'll never be the same, running through the wilderness while the moonlight calls your name."

and the second song is "zebra" by john bulter trio. :) JBT rocks:)


Bob Clouston said...

What I'm awesome journey! You've come a long way, and you've done it the right way. Good luck and I'm with you in spirit the whole way next weekend. Can't wait to get back running with you again some day!

Triple F said...

Love this! You are going to do great at U100. So glad that a few of my pictures meant something special to you!

jenn said...

Thanks bob! Heal up! Hope to run with you in a couple months!
Frank Lilly ! Of course they are!! So glad we are friends and super appreciate the pictures:) hope to see you soon!!!