Sunday, January 20, 2013

looking to 2013 epic adventures with tons of training and racing thrown in for good measure

When I think about the upcoming year I'm so filled with optimism, hope and excitement for all the adventures that lay ahead. 
 My 2013 race calendar is shaping up. I'm excited to focus on my goals, and spend my time in between training and adventuring : playing with my kids supporting them in their extra curricular activities: cubscouts and they are going to play soccer for the city of bristol's league, family camping/hiking/being outside for tons of time, swimming,  biking,  yoga, reading good books, eating good food, making jewelry, knitting-- and just try to be an even better mother, wife, daughter, neighbor, friend, person...   it's an on going process, each year I learn more, become wiser through life experience.

 Embrace what/those who are truly important and dear to me-- let go of the people who are critical, toxic, try to bring me down,  and really just take away from my general  happiness and well being. That has been a tough lesson this past year. When people lash out or as I like to say "hate on you" -- 99% of the time it has little to do with you.  I'm the type of person who tries to love everyone, so it's hard/ really hurts when you encounter that rejection. but just the realization-- that I don't place my self worth and value based upon the opinion of others--   just as Thoreau says " KNOW THYSELF"  Ultra running has given me that.  Jenny REALLY knows who she is in a clear and concise way.  As long as I love and accept myself-- it's really all that matters-- the rest all falls into place, and  everyone else can just play catch up:P 

 The longer I am in this sport, the more I realize I run much better if I have balance. Yes, I have a VERY VERY busy, VERY FULL hyperactive life. but the fullness of it and flurry of activity really makes me so happy. When I feel like I'm living life to the fullest and accomplishing  my goals-- is when I'm happiest and fulfilled.  balancing my family, friends, running and now, my job at mtn supports: It  seems when I'm  busy like this and not so one dimensional-- I run WAY WAY better. That was the theme for 2012. definitely going to apply the same method for 2013. Train smarter not harder. My work ethic, motivation and drive is just fine:) but my tendency is to over train-- and get hurt or tired ( both!) Eric Grossman really helps reign me in when it comes to running too much:) thank you, eric for saving me from myself. :) 
OKAY couple of cool things going on: 1. I got picked up by GU!! I'm extremely honored, humbled and excited to  represent GU, promote, and use their products to fuel my training and racing! As a GU athlete, I'm going to hold a couple free clinics/fun runs where we run first and then I give a small lecture on sports nutrition and fueling during endurance events. ( and of course promote GU) 
 My good friends at Fleet Feet Sports in Kingsport is going to let me  hold one there at the store. ANNND My wonderful place of employment, Mountain Sports LTD is hosting several clinics. THANK YOU STEVE AND BOB. Also several more trail running events are in the works through Mountain Sports. Heads up yall!  Details to follow.  but hopefully, group runs, Demo days ( where you can try out shoes and gear on some local trails) Mountain Sports is a wonderful ( and VERY SPECIAL)  locally owned independent store located on commonwealth Ave in bristol, Va. and it's a joy to work there-- where else can while at work:  play with outdoor gear, listen to Sam bush, and EVERYONE is happy and nice-- one of the most positive vibes in this store. :) Super Excited they are jumping in with both feet to be apart of the local trail and ultra running community. 
 and another thing I'm excited about: I'm going to OR!!! ( thank you steve!! :)  can't wait to go to meet with reps and check out all the lastest gear!! I am so enjoying learning about the retail side of the outdoor industry. :) 

 another resolution: I really am going to try to blog more regularly for 2013:)  hope ALL my friends has  a wonderful 2013 and many many epic adventures out side. :) 

Lastly: here is a little picto blog I have thrown together to give you a glimpse of what i've been up to lately. :) 

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Our family rang in the new year with many good friends at South Holston Lake. Jj and bonnie Jessee hosted a fabulous bonfire party:) the kids had a blast!!

                 the next weekend I ran at Mt rogers with Joey, dennett and beth. Mt Rogers has always been a tough place for me to run, the rocky terrain, and for some reason I really feel the elevation change of going from 1,800 to 5,500ish ft. -- no matter how much I've suffered up there on that mtn, I always drive back home renewed, refreshed, revitalized in my zeal and love for what I do.
                               I entered another 100!! woo hoo! June 1st baby!! it's ON!!!  OD, OD OD is my mantra for the next six months, yall.

            Cool pic of DD and I hiking up a cliff at mt rogers
              AT snow run in Damascus on Jan 18th. incredible views and very fun running in the deep fluffy snow
                          ICE up at mt rogers. This was taken on a hike to the summit with my best friend from high school angie Tague was visiting from spokane, WA and came to go adventuring with me at Mt Rogers
          Kids and I build a very distinguished snow man...  they were very proud of him
                             Beth minnink and I at mt Rogers enjoying a 2 mile section of ankle deep muck:)

 and lastly here is a link to a cool Video of us in some high winds on Mt rogers on a rock cliff that was really slippery, wet and lil scary!!


Anonymous said...

The video is rad and looks like a rough day but full of laughter! You are an amazing and absolutely good person Jennifer. Always a positive post and congrats on getting a sponsor! Looking forward to reading about your adventures specially the races :-)

run4daysbill said...

Super news on the GU thing. And also on your OD focus. Glad to supply the skinny on that course if you want. Congrats most of all on hangin' tough with your positivity, Jenny. You are an inspiration to lots of folks. :)

run4daysbill said...

Awesomeness. All of this. Complete awesomeness. So, so proud of you, Jenny!

Holler if you want a blow by blow of that OD course. I think I have one floating around somewhere on my laptop. :)

ultrarunnergirl said...

Great philosophy and wonderful photos! Can't wait to hear all about your 2013 adventures.