Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Salomon Demo day at Mountain Sports, LTD

 June 8th Mountain Sports held it's first Salomon Demo day and 6 mi fun run at Steeles Creek Park.
I had marked the course at steeles creek the previous day with white chalk arrows and pink streamers for each turn. It was my first "run" back since OD 100  and didn't feel to terrible.
That morning I met Tim, the Salomon Rep for our area at the store and we set up the tent and I made electrolyte drink for the run and the  post run demo/pizza party at the store.

 Tim has a cool car. :)

Then we proceeded to Steeles Creek Park and had about 50 runners come out to run the 6 miles of mostly technical single track.  Almost everyone demoed shoes, or already had on salomons and I thought that was AWESOME!! Tim also had Suunto watches for demo. Those were really popular during the demo. 

 Great looking group!!!! 

 I assigned myself sweeping duties so I could take down the streamers, pick up trash ( leave the trail nicer than I found it) AND to insure no one took a wrong turn or got lost. I had a great time doing this, and the chill pace was just what I needed. It was a great day to just be out in the woods:)

Survived the first monster climb!!! 

 smiling now that they know I'm snapping pics:)

 My friend Dee and I had an amazing time on the trail getting to know each other. We finished and loaded up my car and when Tim and I pulled into mountain sports, we were AMAZED the parking lot was FULL and there weren't any parking spots!!
     so we quickly unloaded so he could set up for the demo at the store.

Tim explaining to Trevor the mantras is built on an S-LAB platform

                                                    Tim and I post demo. Happy we got such a positive response from the community.

Even Jason Suhy came to the demo AFTER he ran the varmint. I made him show me his SHEEP! 

MORE DEMO pics: 

                          the masses got to demo: XR Missions, Speedcross, Crossmax, and Mantras

                                            Like these pics so much, I'm posting some twice.

                          THEN after work ALL of the Mountain Sports LTD kids met for dinner because Whitney is going to Italy for a month! to study pottery making!!   I took my sons jack and todd with me -- they LOVE the mtn sports kids and always have so much fun with them.

        It was a great day and I'm so extremely blessed to be apart of the Mountain Sports family AND the Salomon family. So appreciative of their support and allowing me to be an ambassador for them this year.  I LOVE promoting for Salomon and exposing more people to Salomon running/suunto. Their gear really is THE BEST in the industry, I highly recommend using Salomon and suunto  gear on your next big adventure! You will immediately see the difference ( ambits-- are a way better watch than garmin ever thought of being- especially in determining vertical climbing during a run-- you can look at it on the Ambit itself mid run- and it's pretty darm accurate. Garmin- you have to go home connect it to the computer and half the time it's off- FAIL. ) The Salomon packs are light years ahead of nathan or ultra spire ( the neoprene covering on the hose for the Advanced skin 12 for instance, my water never froze all winter with this pack and I did alot of  long runs in 20F);  Salomon compression Slab series is the gold standard in compression-- with the honeycomb matrix compression it reduces the vibration and is so supportive on your muscles-- zensah and x2u?? nope.
  and I really feel Salomon shoes are the best trail shoes. No matter what distance or condition, there is a Salomon shoe that will work for you. trust me go try a pair. you wont regret it.

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