Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking ahead to 2014

 wow. 2013 -- glad you are over.  I was going to write a blog kinda like 20 other people-- but as AJW has pointed out--- that is a dead horse that has been BEAT TO DEATH..   so here are my thoughts-
 2013 I'm thankful to you for all the important lessons you taught me. In running:  You taught me humility and grace. You taught me what it feels like to fail.    You taught me when I get knocked down, to get up. You taught me when I get told "no" to creatively find a solution to do what I want anyway!!

Professionally: you taught me I'm good at my job. The outdoor industry loves me and I love it back.  Mountain Sports is doing AWESOME business wise. So happy to be apart of such a vibrant and happy place to work. You taught me I am a great race director ( two of my races are now apart of the State of Franklin Track Club King and Queen Series: CTR 10k and Virginian Extra Mile 6.6k)

on life: you taught me I'm a good person ( who is probably too nice) and lets things bother me WAY too much when people don't treat me the way I treat them.  BUT I'm learning to not worry about others, what they think or say and just find my way by following my heart.
 I had a friend tell me a great story a couple days ago- and the moral of it was for golfing to "play the course" your opponents aren't real. it's just you against the course. The same is true for running, for business and for LIFE.. JUST RUN YOUR OWN RACE, and it is ALWAYS you against the course and no one else.

 I know my friends Sophie and Eric would be so happy how I've FINALLY accepted this for myself and am OWNING IT as my strategy for 2014.

 I can't wait to run some  ultra races, RD some road races, do GREAT THINGS AT MTN SPORTS!! ( love my job)  and promote for the companies that help me follow my dreams.
Salomon is kind enough to let me be an ambassador again this year. I'm SO THRILLED to get to do this again. I love salomon shoes. They really work for me, and  their gear ( hydration packs and apparel) have come SO FAR.  The company itself -- the people within the company are so special. Talented athletes and runners themselves and they just really want to see you do well. That encouragement and support has been amazing for me:) THANK YOU SALOMON RUNNING!!  and Suunto-- hands down the Ambit 2 is my favorite piece of gear/training tool. SO easy to use and the site is awesome.

 I'm so happy to be apart of the GU CREWagain this year. Gu is such a great company to get to represent and I'm truly appreciative to them for their help. If you haven't tried the salted carmel GU yet-- my goodness you are missing out because it's incredible!!
 I have some big goals for 2014- but I know they are attainable because THIS YEAR, I'm setting myself up for success.  I am not running 100s this year.. unless I go crazy and decide to run Grindstone again. right now its MMTR hellgate combo for the fall, not grindstone hellgate.   but I really feel for this year I need to run under the 100 mile distance and focus on my speed- and hopefully 2015 will be another year for an ONE hundred miler--  that starts in squaw valley. :)

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2014 for is WAITING FOR US! Don't just wait for amazing things to happen to you. Make them happen for yourself.  You are in the driver's seat concerning your  own happiness and accomplishments. RUN YOUR OWN RACE.  My next adventure is Winter OR in Salt Lake city later this month:) Cant wait to see all the new gear in store for fall 2014 season. Rumor has it that suunto is coming out with a new ambit model with a price point comparable to Garmin Forerunner series to be unveiled at OR. :)


Frank Lilley said...

Okay . . this was a great blog! And a lesson for me!! Thanks!!

And I hope 2014 proves to be an awesome year for both of us 2013 just wasn't!!! LOL!

Shining Speidel said...

Proud of you, Jen! Glad to know that you are officially a "recovering newbie ultrarunner" having learned many tough lessons so early on :-) 2014 will be a great year!!

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

My best to you, Jen!