Friday, January 11, 2019

Some of my current favorite things

Hey y’all! Hope your new year is going great!  If you’re like me, perhaps you are trying to let go of some
Bad habits and establish some new healthier ones to replace them with: 
Personally I’ve been going to hot yoga every day- I’ve only missed one day in the last 8 days- and I truly am feeling so good 😊 inside and out! 
I also wanted to share some products that I absolutely am enjoying so much this week that I feel are helping me get healthier! 

 I usually take a shot of normal braggs apple cider daily- but the last time I was at the health food store I saw this and it’s heaven! I mix it with water but also just take a shot glass of it in the morning when I take my vitamins! It’s yummy spicy and I love it 🥰 

I truly am going to try to find this wholesale and get a gallon of it-  this is an aryuvedic oil for sore muscles (think tiger balm but better) where I’ve been working out a lot more I have been sooo sore the last week and using this before a workout or after I shower is just heavenly warm cinnamon/pepperminty smell 

Been replacing my afternoon coffee with matcha lattes made of unsweetened almond or coconut milk 🥳 I love this has added collagen 

If you love kombucha and coconut- yup well this is for you- it’s fizzy like kombucha but it’s a solid substance like yogurt- it’s Tart  and sour- not sweet- I eat it plain but I think it would be yummy with fruit- 

Coconut water. This is my treat- I have this every evening before bed- to rehydrate balance my electrolytes and get some potassium and magnesium- so. Good. 

Beyond that I’m just trying to sip on bone broth I’ve made myself in the instapot, eat a lot of veggies and healthy lean proteins (chicken, beef,pork, fish) 
 It’s feeling really nice to hit the reset button after the holidays and intentionally focus on my health and wellness  so much more than I have been. 
I hope everyone is having a great day today! Do one thing your future self will thank you for today! Also drink water! I really wasn’t drinking enough for a long long time- and I think that really effects how I feel energetically 

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