Wednesday, October 1, 2008

can you believe this? small world.

 well sorry it's been so long since I last posted.  I have had a week filled with preschool, playdates, and  just non stop childcare because brock has been out of town the majority of the time the past 2 weeks. Rough.  I miss him so much when he has to be gone for work. 
  okay subject change:

 in 2006 I ran leadville trail marathon for the first time. While I was running, I met THE NICEST lady from Georgia who was just AWESOME. very strong athlete.  We ran about 10 miles of the marathon together. Her name is Belinda. Well, that race i ran with a disposable film camera and took pictures. When Belinda and I reached the summit. She was nice enough to take my picture, THEN I made her get beside the flag to take hers.. and she asked "why?" and I told her I would get the picture to her...
   WELL... I kinda lost the camera after I got home, and I kept hoping I would somehow run into Belinda at another marathon or trail race,  and even when I ran leadville this year, i was hoping and hoping she would be there. :o(   she wasn't.
Guess what??   I was fall cleaning in Jack's room this past weekend and I decided to go through his toy box and get rid of any broken toys or cheapo happy meal toys and junk and what did I find? THE CAMERA!! I wondered to myself: could this possibly be the same disposable camera I ran with at leadville??? So I took it to ritz and had it developed, and IT WAS!! The pictures ended up being pretty awesome.. I was in GOOD shape then. I truly hope to get back there soon!! ( life and family responsibilities  has just kinda stood in the way of making time to train the way I used to)
 anyways, I looked up Belinda's name on white pages.. got her number, left a message on her voice mail, and this evening she called back!!! It was SO awesome talking to her again! She ran pikes peak this past summer!! and had actually looked for me through state of franklin track clb, but they didn't have my contact info.  I got all her contact info now, and her picture of her standing 14,000 ft above sea level is now in the mail!! 
So that is awesome I was finally able to come through and get that to her!  We are going to try to plan to run some marathons together next summer!! I really am so looking forward to it because she is just so much fun to run with, and had such a wonderful time talking to her during leadville.

 here are the two pictures from the little crappy film throw way camera!!!

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Amy (wattsup) said...

How awesome is that??? It just goes to show how SMALL the universe really is...modern technology is just so amazingly helpful when it comes to finding people. I love the pics! Don't knock yourself on the shape thing too much look wonderful and should be super proud of yourself!!! Love, Amy