Monday, September 22, 2008

happy first day of fall!

hey I hope everyone is having a great fall equinox! (11:44am) summer comes to a close and it officially becomes fall Hooray!!:o)

here are some of my favorite things about fall:
1. running on cool, crisp fall mornings.. or even frosty late fall mornings! love it!

2. all the pretty leaves! and looking at the mtns! and even just the SMELL of fallen leaves on the creeper trail. 

3.  drinking hot apple cider, apple pie, just eating apples in general. ( nutmeg, ginger, cloves all remind me of fall too)

4. wearing jeans and hooded sweatshirts

5.  fall marathons!!!:o)

 I really hope you guys have a great day today! it's afresh new beginning/new season and I can't wait!

take care!



Michael B said...

Hey there! Found your blog through Amy's--we've been friends since elementary school! I am enjoying your blog. I love to run,as well. It's always fun to read other runner's blogs! I'm right there with you on loving fall marathons. We're expecting our second baby in a few weeks, so no marathoning for me right now! Maybe next fall, though?! (Hopefully!) : )


Amy (wattsup) said...

I love fall - it is by far one of my favorite seasons. Good call on the jeans and hooded sweatshirts & teh apple cider! This is an exciting time of is so beautiful in Virginia...we get an awesome fall season!!