Tuesday, January 20, 2009

history was made today

 well I have really been enjoying this weather the last couple weeks! it has been COLD, icy and snowy!! I have loved breaking out my cold weather gear. I rEALLY wish I could go skiing!! I miss it so bad!! but brock has been working out of town still. So maybe next year I guess with that:o)

 but I have gotten to run and be outside more the past weeks, and it has helped renew me tremendously.  I just think there is just something so invigorating about running in the cold!!

 Toddy and jack have been playing in the snow ( jack sledding) and we have just really enjoyed playing together outside. 

 I have been watching the inauguration as much as I can today. I have had to take jack to and from school and freddie to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and him microchipped. Even while in the car, we listened to foxnews on sirrius....
 The sheer visual imagery of the masses on the national mall was such a surprise. I knew that throngs of people would be there, but  nothing could prepare me for the unity that was displayed today for us as a country and the outpouring of emotion and how this 44th president's inauguration affected virtually every american today. It was such a positive moment for me to witness. It renews my faith in humanity, it gives me hope for the future of our country.  

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