Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's p90x picture time! DAY 30

 hey there boys and girls. 
 I am blogging to post as promised my day 30 picture for p90x ( day 1 is a couple posts below)  and post a picture of my spin bike and tell you about the 5k I ran on saturday in Grundy, va. 

The race went well.  The weather was perfect.  2 gripes about the race I will get out in the open quick.. 1. no aid stations other than the finish. (?!) one half way point would of been nice.  I was fine because I usually go about 10 mi with no water.. but other people were DYING!!  they needed some gatorade!!
2. I am eating my own words with this one.. the course wasn't certified and I really feel it could of been short.  I used to think USATF certification wasn't that big of deal, but  now I kinda think otherwise and am glad that matt studholm really encouraged me to have Todd's race certified last year.   but the shirt was nice, the metals were top notch, the finish line had plenty of food, and gatorade and water.. everyone got a free squeeze bottle!
 I ran a 2o:55  and got first in my age group at the race. It would be a PR for me!  but I really wish had the course been certified because it doesn't really "count"...  anyways.. I was running right at 7 min pace or under the entire race and it felt awesome. I felt VERY strong the entire race.. and I really can't wait to run another 5k, because I really would like to get my time down some more.  5k's are so intense!! 
 I am continuing on training for the varmint half marathon in june! very excited about this race because I love it SO much!  this will be my 4th time running this race!

p90x is going well. it continues to be a challenge and kick my butt everyday.  I really am very pleased with my progress. even if no one else can tell, just the simple face I can do push ups and pull ups now.. and see the gains and progress I make every week.. make it all worth it.  This is a GREAT fitness product for someone who can't go to the gym or doesn't want to!!  I stay home with my 2 young children, so it works very well for me!

without further ado here's the pictures



Some guy named John said...

20:55 is an awesome time on that course, regardless! Congrats on a well run race. And yeah, it probably is just a bit short, though I keep debating by how much. Running this race last year is what really made me see the value of USATF certification.

I've been told that the two guys from the Grundy Kiwanis Club who do the other 5K there are planning to get the course certified. If they do, I'm betting they won't have to make many changes to adjust the length.

Oh, and by the way: You look great!

jenn said...

I am planning on running that on may 9th! I am hoping they certify it as well. I used to think "it's a charity race, it's no big deal if it's not certified."

well, it's a big friggin deal if you break 21 for the first time in your life haha. I was well aware the whole time it wasn't certified.. due to all the hub bub over it last year.. but let's just say I think it's rather ironic that i'm the person this year saying " wish they had gotten it certified. " :o)
it's okay because if I did it once, I can do it again.. :o)
thanks john!!
I know you can't tell that much difference between the pictures but I swear it's really helped me so much! I am so much stronger in my core. I really think it will supplement my running. ( hope so anyway!!) So far so good!!