Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just finished week 3!!

 I just completed week 3 of the p90x program. I now start my recovery week!! hoorah! When I get to day 30 I will post a picture. I see improvement/changes.. I really think by the time 90 days are complete it will be a big difference.  I have to add that I think that to make this program work, you have to follow the nutrition guide.. and then even my results may be different because I am running so much and doing many other things in addition to the program... 

 I have been using my training/spin bike TONS!! I am a spinning machine these days. I haven't posted a picture of that yet either as promised. I will get on that. 

Running: I have been averaging between 30 and 40 miles per week. I am going to Richlands to go run 10 miles today ( in the rain!) .  I can't wait. :o)

 and I am running a 5k this weekend in Grundy. The Appalachian School of Law 5k.  This makes the 3rd time I have ran this race. I am looking forward to it. It's a very small race, but I enjoy it. The awards are nice, they have a nice shirt and always have plenty of food at the finish. :o)

well, I will post a picture of my spin bike( promise) and give a race report about my 5k experience next blog.. 

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