Saturday, June 20, 2009

AT/IMT run

 I ran 17 miles today with beth minnick and aliese harrison and had a BLAST!  We saw /encountered a bear about 2 miles in on the AT.. which was cool/scary/exciting!! I did a big horizontal leap over to where beth was.. Me jumping around and us saying "bear"  made it run away.. it kinda turned it's head and looked back then took off.. I think it thought we were weirdos.. and really I think most situations they are more scared of us. cool experience because you see signs of bear ( aka SCAT!) all over the place up there.. I just always assumed we were so loud clomping around running and talking, and that was the reason we never saw any. guess we surprised this one. 
 while we ran there were SO many pretty wildflowers and mushrooms and ferns.. I really wish I had taken the time to take some pictures of them. 

 I really enjoyed today! can't wait run with beth and aliese again! Here are some pictures! sorry this is so brief! but I have to go get a massage LOL!! going to be sore tomorrow I know!!
here are some pictures!

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