Saturday, October 3, 2009

ROC 5k

This morning I ran a 5k race in my hometown. Maybe I am wrong, but I am fairly for sure this is the first road race in Richlands, VA in over a decade. ( at least one that I have ran) The course for the 5k was basically in a figure 8, and really different from any of the training runs I have ran in Richlands. It was great to get to run in my town see so many familiar faces. It was 44F and foggy at the start. I felt like the cooler fall weather was really going to be conductive to some faster times. Brock, my son Jack and my Dad all came to the race to cheer me on!!:o)
One of my brother Brian's good friends from Roanoke, Lenny came and ran in the race AND won OVERALL with a time of 19:48!! I was so happy for Lenny! He is an awesome person!
It was also great to see the richlands/garden trail runners representing at the ROC. Michael Helton set a PR for 5k and he just ran North face Endurance Challenge 50k in DC a couple of weeks ago. He and Jared Baliey both won their age groups! great job guys!!!:o)
Alas! no PR for me today. I ended up finishing in 22:07 and placed 3rd overall female.
here are some pictures from the race. I am so tired typing this!!:o) been a long day!
next week I am planning on running the laurel run ascent 11 mi trail race and then the Race for the Cure 5k on Oct 25th.


Rick Gray said...

Jenny, Sounds like you had a wonderful day in Richlands. Great job. Richmond is just around the corner. See you soon, Rick

jenn said...

thanks Rick! Congratulations on your Grindstone 100 finish! I was thinking and praying for you the whole 36 hours my man!! :o) AWESOME JOB!! way to overcome adversity and dig deep within yourself! you're my hero!!!! :o)
can't wait to run with you and tammy very soon!!! (((HUG))))