Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"tiramisu doesn't need a party dress"

hi everyone!  I will get to the title of this post in a minute. :o) It's a quote from JJ Jessee when I was lamenting on my lackluster presentation of a tiramisu I made for breadzilla fest this past weekend. I just placed it in a much too m large tupperware container. ( hopefully it didn't effect the taste:o)

This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet with the IMTR's and go on a 23.6 mile trail run on the AT/govt road in Damascus.  It was 34F and we experienced some freezing precipitation up on the ridge lines, but it didn't dampen the experience-- it just made it even more of an epic adventure than it was already! I was able to witness some of the prettiest fall foliage and  best panoramic views Damascus has to offer.  I couldn't get over that even though it wasn't a clear day, just how far and how much I could see. Very Nice:o)

 I also got the treat of meeting for the first time and running with Annette Bednosky! SUPERSTAR!!!:o) ( she would probably cringe at that title but she is such a rawk star!! strong, strong runner and insanely fast on downhill sections!!!)  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about meeting her because I was aware of all of her accomplishments and that she is such an extremely talented and high caliber ultra runner. Annette is SO sweet and has such an awesome personality!! Meeting her wasn't intimidating at all, quite the opposite! I just found her very friendly, warm :o)  I throughly enjoyed running with her and gleaning from her experience.  I am extremely thankful post run she made me sit in the stream to "ice" my legs. This was something I DID NOT want to do. I was SO cold already and then to sit waist deep in a cold stream was something I wasn't up for.. However, I went along and sat as long as I could stand it ( which wasn't long-- a couple minutes tops). Sunday morning, it was like a miracle! I wasn't sore in the least in my legs.. quads, calves, hamstrings.. all good.. my toenails are a different story but I think it's been several  long runs in the making.  So I am a firm believer in ice baths now. :o)

After the run, I headed back to the lake house and took a shower. Then I went over to beth's to hang out for a couple of minutes with all the group. Beth's boyfriend, Dan had an uncle who had that day came off the AT for a break and visit with his family. He was through hiking from Maine to GA and Dan picked him up at Marion and brought him to their house. It was great to hear his stories and adventures! I wish him the best of luck as he continues on to Springer Mtn, GA!!
 I walked up to JJ's house where Breadzilla fest was in full swing. My friend and old neighbor JJ Jessee had made his own brick oven in the shape of a dragon and cooked for friends, family and neighbors on saturday 36 pizzas! it was a foodie's DELIGHT!!  YUM! I only got to stay for about 15 min at Breadzilla but I stayed long enough to snag some gourmet pizza!!! :o)  and bring my tiramisu to share! :o)  Here are some pictures from before the group run:

 Then we were waiting for annette and was giving her a couple of minutes so we took a group picture:

Then about 8 miles into the run we stopped to fuel up and annette took a picture of the group wearing all  nathan gear.  I borrowed this picture from her blog.

 and lastly here are some pictures taken by my good friend and FIERCE trail/ultra runner Beth Minnick of BreadZilla fest several minutes after I left. I just really wanted you guys to be able to SEE for your own eyes JJ's magnificent creation! :o)

 That is all for now! My recovery from the long run is going well. I  lifted and ran 6 miles on monday on marathon pace and it felt very easy and non labored.  I did plyometrics today and plan on lifting and running tomorrow.  Race for the Cure 5k is this weekend( I will be very pink):o) and Haunted Half is on Halloween! WOO!


Rick Gray said...

Your tiramisu was great. Your large container did not scare me off in the least. Great run Saturday out there in the woods. That will get you primed for Richmond. See you soon, Rick

Triple F said...

How cool was it running with Annette? I believe I could keep up for at least 100 yards or so! As usual, a really enjoyable description of the day. Thanks for sharing it with us!


jenn said...

thanks frank! it was VERY cool experience for me to get to run with annette! I felt UBER lucky to get to run with the IMTR's that day!!! :o) Rick keeps mentioning I am one of them now.. so I should stop referring to them as a different distinct group of people. ( I just can't help it) let's just say the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the IMTR's :oP
hope you have a great week and I get to see you at race sometime very soon frank!! :o)


Rick Gray said...

Yes, You are a part of the family!

Triple F said...

Just so you know . . . I challenged Annette to a 50K race. Rule was she has to hand with me till the end. I suggested you should be included!

Don't believe you all could stay out 7:30 to 8:00 hours!!! I'm afraid the moss would cover you two!


jenn said...

wow frank! cool!! 8 hours is a long time!! :o) but I'm up for it!! annette runs 24 hour races.. 8 hours would be childs play for her. I on the other hand would probably be curled up in the fetal position on the side of a mtn somewhere:OP