Thursday, March 25, 2010

prep for terrapin mtn 50k and bear tree gap run

Well, in two days, I will be embarking upon my second ultra run: Terrapin Mtn 50k. I'm a little nervous. okay, alot nervous. I really have worked really hard the past several months since frozen sasquatch, and I really would like to see my efforts come to fruition in the form of a PR:o) I really suspect that even though there is 2000ft more clmbing in this race, I think it will be much faster than my first one. even black mtn. To say that I am excited to run on actual trail instead of snow and ice is an enormous understatement to say the least.

I have spent the past several days trying to go over my gear and figure out exactly what I'm going to need. I'm opting for using a handheld for hydration and wearing my nathan vest instead of my nathan hydration pack. Wearing montrail mtn masochists. I have toyed with the idea of wearing either my inov-8 talons or NB WT-100's but I feel since this is a long race ( for me) I need to stick with the support of the masochists.. I'll save the others for my shorter trail races.

as far as race apparel: ( always a major concern of mine) I have a range of things all based upon the weather. I still have some cold weather items in my bag for just in case. and or if its a cold morning on saturday, and I'm bringing some salt stick tabs for just in case it's warm! :o) I get to wear a pair of my new Rudy Project sunglasses:o) super excited about that-- it's really the little things that make me happy:o)

I can't wait to meet all my friends tomorrow for us to journey to bedford, VA!! It's always an adventure and always fun! Race reports are probably my favorite posts to write ( provided I didn't just get my hopes and dreams CRUSHED on the course)

Last weekend, The IMTR's met and ran 11 miles on the AT/ IMT/BEAR TREE GAP/ SHAW'S Gap trails.. and yes there was a section were we had to run on Rt 58 for about 400 yds. :o) For the inquiring minds who will wonder about the 3 pictures jj took of me running on pavement.
I have had my pictures up on FB since last saturday but for those of you who haven't seen them.. I made a slideshow!! with a live version of "day trader" by hot buttered rum ( another one of my FAVORITE bands:o) yay! it uploaded WAY easier. I never got the one I made for the tacky leprechaun to work.
Enjoy!! I love the way the slideshow ends with joey sticking out his tongue!

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Rick Gray said...

Jenny, No CRUSHING going on tomorrow. You are going to rock and fall more in love with the trails that we are so lucky to go play on. See you in a couple of hours and thank you so very much for the sharing the wonderful memories of last weekend. Rick