Monday, March 8, 2010

video 2009

yeah.. I had too much time on my hands yesterday evening. My in laws had gotten my boys to come spend time at their house. I was so bored ( last week when they got them, I cleaned out my closet) SO I put together this little slide show of some of my pictures from 2009. There are alot of ones of my flowers ( I love to take pictures of flowers) and then the others are pictures of my trail running adventures and races.. Many of them are posted here in previous blogs.

I was playing around with this feature on Imovie on my macbook, because I thought if I can take enough pictures during the St. Patrick's day run with the IMTR's I was going to make a slide show/ with some traditional irish music. :o)

I set the music as one of my FAVORITE bluegrass bands "RAILROAD EARTH". I do understand this may create a knee jerk reaction with some of my readers because I'm aware not everyone really likes or has an appreciation of bluegrass music. My suggestion is this: if the music starts.. and you don't like what you are hearing: there is a volume control on your computer and on the slide show.. just mute it and watch the pictures:o) thanks:o)

I have been" trail running" officially since memorial day weekend 2009. I had ran leadville trail marathon a couple times before that, but I had always considered myself a road runner.. I would run on the creeper trail and that was about as technical as it got. ( not at all!) 2009 ABSOLUTELY was life changing for me in such a positive way. Running trails nourished my soul in so many ways: enjoyment/appreciation of the outdoors and mtns I have never had before, I was adopted into a WONDERFUL little tribe of trail runners whom my friendship with means so much to me, and just a positive outlet to place my energy. I NEEDED something for MYSELF so much. I like to think that running trails makes me a more patient and better mother. I know I'm a much, much happier and fulfilled person. Crazy, huh?? all from carrying a little handheld bottle and zig zagging down a dirt path in the woods.. :o) there is SO much more to it than that. I am only just beginning to discover. AND as the song in my little slide show says: " I STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO."

cheers yall!


Triple F said...

I love it when you have some extra time!

I've grown up listening to (and even poorly playing) Bluegrass . . . so I loved that part! But the pictures were spectacular! A really nice summary of a year! Please keep it up! Promise??

Triple F said...

By the way . . . I contacted Tom Murrell via Facebook. Turns out he is the same guy I knew as a kid!! Super Small World! Thanks for the connection!!

jenn said...

frank! anytime! I promise to try to keep it up! :o) I'll try to make something similar for the st patricks day run this weekend!

That is so cool it's the same Tom Murrell! He really is such a great person! I can't wait for you to see him at laurel's run accent-- so yall can catch up!!

take care Frank! talk to you soon! :o)


Rick Gray said...

Jenny, 2009 is one of those years that you will remember forever. There is love and a special closeness within our group that is difficult to explain. As I was sitting here reading, watching and enjoying listening to the video, I thought back to all of the wonderful times in 2009. I look forward to wonderful times this year and for years to come. Funny how running down a dirt path can pull such a diverse group of people together. I have been running since 1972 and have been running trails/ultras for eight years now. I have never been so excited about running for its pure enjoyment and for the people that it brings me in contact with. As I have told you on several occasions, you are a part of this group and as you meet new and exciting people that group will expand. You have had a life changing event just like the rest of us. As time goes on, we all get older, but with relationships time only makes our ties stronger. Funny how a dirt path does that. Thank you for allowing Tammy and I to be a part of your new world. We love you, Rick and Tammy

jenn said...

Thanks so much rick and tammy!! I love yall too!(((HUG))) you two are the best "trail parents" anyone could ask for!! I REALLY appreciate all your acceptance, patience and guidance. rick, I never will forget you hanging back with me my 2nd time running with you guys and you teaching me to run down hill on that rocky section of iron mtn near skulls gap:o) It's things like that -- if you only knew how much it meant to me that you took time to help me acclimate and make the transition from road to trail running. I was a fish out of water there for a little while :o)