Friday, October 15, 2010

PSA: "Running through the Iron mountains" blog has moved

Sean Dunlap, myself, and Beth Minnick

hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick informative post. Most of my blog readers also follow my best buddy beth's blog that she has been maintaining and did such an excellent job on the past three years. "Running Through the Iron Mountains"
I'm sure many of you guys have noticed that about 3 weeks ago, it was removed. ( gasp!) YEP.. we were all traumatized to say the least. All of beth's writings and race reports from the past 3 years were gone. :o(

long story short and leaving out any negativity or finger pointing. "running through the iron mtns" started out as a "group blog" 3 years ago, ( WAY before I even set foot on any single track and was pregnant with Todd) One person started it with their blog handle and then, handed out the password to all other members of the group. However, after a couple months, it boiled down that Beth was pretty much the only person ( with the exception of JJ Jessee who made several posts) to post on the IMTR blog in the past 2 years . The person who created the blog with their blogger account ( who hasn't ran with the IMTR group since I've joined them 2 years ago) , deleted the blog. Seriously, we just woke up one morning and it was gone. Zero speculation on the how or why.. but that is the end result: IMTR blog deleted. Beth tried working with blogger and with person who deleted the blog, but after 3 weeks of being unable to retrieve her writings; she is moving forward with a new blog of her own. Starting anew.

Please follow her, those of you who were readers of "running through the iron mountains" know what a wonderful job she does!

I just felt I needed to make a post concerning this for several reasons:
1. I was being asked about what happened to the IMTR blog very frequently. I knew people were missing it, and even on my google stats... I kept seeing "beth minnick" and IMTR blog over and over.. so it killed me to know that people were searching for "running through the iron mountains" and not being able to find it.
I thought I'd let you guys know what has been going on there. IMTR's are still here and still running strong. :o) and WE LOVE EVERYBODY :o)

2. for those of you who've never looked at "running through the iron mtns", who follow my blog please check out her blog as well:o) it's going to be AWESOME:o)

thanks so much!!!

cheers yall! :o)

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Mike said...

Thanks for the new link. I will miss the banner photo of the Mt. Rogers' ponies.