Sunday, November 14, 2010

enjoying some downtime

well, just as I predicted, 8 days post MMTR I feel much better about SO Much. I've been taking a much needed break/rest ( only 6 more rest days in my running sabbatical!)

This week I really tried to divorce myself from even entertaining thoughts of running. ( some days I did pretty well, others I failed miserably-- especially monday and tuesday) It was pointed out to me by a good friend how much time I not only spent running, but THOUGHT about running, time spent everyday that I social networked with runners on the net, read running blogs etc.. haha full on immersion experience. ( - that running community ( ie on FB and blogger) is extremely important to me-- their support, friendship and I think it keeps me focused on my goals and its a great medium to exchange ideas and keep in touch with your friends)
but I think for just the past couple days I think it was a good point for me to just step back from that for a second and direct my mind elsewhere. Even if just on a toned down, lesser degree this week and next.
I read 2 books... I got alot of things accomplished around the house that have been on the back burner since the summer, spent tons of QUALITY time with my kids. We've read alot of their books together ( toddy LOVES "the giving tree") , played games together that I had forgotten were so fun ( hide and seek) and played with legos, We piled up together and watched Toy Story 3, and Jack turned to me and said "Mom, I PROMISE when I go to college, I'll come back and visit you." Ha ha! I told him I'm SURE I'd hear from him while he was at college:o) so cute.

I rode my Trek lime ( it's a cruising bike not my road or mtn bike) I hadn't had the opportunity to ride it any since the spring. I usually always opt for one of the other high performance bikes because I am cross training-- feel like I need to be faster etc.. but the 2 times I took out my cruiser for a couple hours, I did just that. I cruised and just enjoyed the fall weather.

This Saturday with no long runs or no races on the docket, ( so rare!!) I decided to get up early, go to the Abingdon Farmer's Market ( YAY!), a local wine/cheese/gourmet store-- scored some yummy goodies:o) stopped by Zazzy Z's and got some coffee, ( resisted the temptation of Babycakes because I knew I was going to have such a fabulous dinner) Stopped by Mtn sports in bristol and saw all my friends there:o) Then met up with Brock and the kids for lunch at five guys burgers and fries, one just opened off exit 7. It was greasy, salty and AWESOME. seriously my hamburger was amazing.. and I was in absolute SHOCK the amount of fries they give you! It was so nice to just ALL be sitting there together as a family, enjoying ourselves ( because where brock works out of town all the time that rarely happens) not to go on and on about 5 guys, but seriously... it will me my new mid back to back runs calorie/salt fest:oP i usually eat VERY VERY clean.. but sometimes you just need some grease:o)
Then yesterday evening, I made some of the most AMAZING chicken tortilla soup, and then had southwestern filet medallions( prepared medium) with some crumbles of gorgonzola cheese sprinkled over the filet.. :o) paired with a bottle of A to Z pinot noir:o) YUMMY!! I LOVE to cook, I love good food:o) I think that is one reason I practically have to ultra run, or I would be 300 lbs:o)

This week: I am going to compile my race list for 2011. (YAY!!) can't wait!!! I'm going to do some yoga, ride my cruiser a couple more times. Going to go see John Butler Trio on tuesday and Dave Matthews Band on Wens... ROAD TRIP!!! :o)
so mid- running sabbatical is a good place right now, I'm really getting excited about resuming training and running hard again, but really glad I still have one more week of rest.. and I'm ENJOYING it:o)


Triple F said...

Good for you!! Rest is definitely a good thing! By the way . . . be sure and add the Medoc Trail Marathon to your 2011 list (Nov 12th but the date isn't published yet!)!! Bring all the IMTR trail dogs with you!!

Rick Gray said...

Downtime and a greasy hamburger. what more could a person want. Enjoy the rest of your time off. You deserve and you need that time!

Rob French said...

So glad you are taking the time to re-charge both mentally and physically. I'm trying to do a bit of the same. And as you said, it's not just the time running, it's the time thinking about running, reading about running, learning about running, sharing....
I did take a little run over the weekend, but also raked some leaves, spent time with family, had a nice visit with my son in college in Chapel Hill, etc. Trying not to rush my return to training.

Scott Dunlap said...

Ah, the gift of downtime. Sounds like you are making the most of it! Don't forget - lots of dessert.