Sunday, December 5, 2010

winter training and trying new things!

well, I'm back training. I have been for two full weeks. I've eased back in so to speak with a 45 mile week and a 50 mi week, consecutively. I decided that apparently what I did in the late summer and fall was NOT working for me. I didn't have enough patience to try it again plus, really I was doing the same things over and over for a year and I think it really just resulted in overtraining and stagnation. SO I'm trying some new things for a little while.

I joined the bristol YMCA and I've been swimming 3 mornings a week, and then following up with an easy run in the afternoons. It's a really great facility. I really feel this will help my base this winter without all the overuse and high impact of running 2 a days. I had biked alot last year, I may at some point incorporate some biking, but right now I'm pretty happy with swimming laps.

Also I have 2 days of speed work. One day being short sprints and the second being mega hard tempoish type workout ( that makes me want to hurl by the end of it) I hadn't ran hard like this in over a year, but even after only 2 weeks can see my turnover and speed improving. YAY!

Then the weekend is reserved for my long runs. I hadn't gone very long yet. I ran 14 miles in the snow yesterday on the AT. It's been nice to cut back my mileage and I know there will be a gradual build up. I am shooting for 18 miles this coming weekend. I know I'll be running 20 and some change when i go to c-ville to go run with sophie and her crew on Dec 18th. :o) so I feel I'll be progressing okay mileage wise. I think my body has been truly thankful for it's little break. :o)

The best thing I feel about my 2 week break, and then these 2 easy weeks to get me back into the swing of things is that ITS FUN AGAIN. I have such a renewed enthusiasm toward my running. By the end of oct. it was awful lot like drudgery. I am all for working hard to accomplish goals, but I think you have to have that FUN element; and that running makes you HAPPY for you to run well:o)

here are some pictures from my run on the AT saturday:
days like this are truly special and magical. :o) ended my run with a warm cup of soup at the whistle pig cafe in Damascus, VA.:o)


Rick Gray said...

Glad the FUN is back. The rest just takes care of its self!

jenn said...

thanks rick! miss you guys so much! so excited for you guys as you embark upon your hellgate adventure! I'll be there next year! I promise! :o)

Rick Gray said...

We will miss you too. To me Hellgate is not so much a race, but an adventure. It is an adventure that you need to experience, so I am going to hold you to that statement "I'll be there next year! I promise." Have a wonderful week. See you soon.

Rob French said...

So glad you're back to running again Jenny! I've had a slow period of recovery and re-charging but I'm back at it as well. That snowy trail looked beautiful... by the time the snow hit High Point I'd finished my 2 hours of running and was inside chopping up veggies for a killer soup (a great weekend for soup!)
Rick- no commitments from me on Hellgate 2011 (but it does sound "FUN?")

Rick Gray said...

Nothing like Hellgate exists, so begin that mindset that you are running in 2011!