Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 consecutive days of running!

 this has been such a milestone week for me!  i logged a meager 40 miles this week, BUT I got to run EVERY day this week! which is something I haven't been able to swing in almost 2 years! AMAZING! is exactly how I feel!
 I am on vacation all this week in North Myrtle beach with brock and the kids, So I get to run every day this week as well!

 I can't get over just how much better I feel inside and out.. ( I knew this would occur) if I could get some consistency going. 
 I will try to carry my camera with me tomorrow on my run and post some pictures. I am going to go run on the beach in the AM. 

 I just ran 6 mi this morning.. but it was very nice. it's so flat here in comparision to the running route that I run in bristol or the 10 mi loop that I run in richlands. So it went by relatively fast. 

 I dragged out the running diary  again.. so I can keep a food diary and journal of my mileage and runs and my pace. This seems to help me focus more than anything else on my goals, future races and really how I am running and feeling in general. 

 I am working on the CTR 10k in august..  if I haven't posted the link already here it is from the state of franklin website.  I really think this year's race will be even bigger and better. We plan on more activities and a couple bluegrass bands to play there on the grounds for the spectators during the race and while we are tallying the race results.:o)  I'm working on this year's design for the the race shirt. 

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Some guy named John said...

A "meager" 40 miles! Indeed! That would be a huge mileage week for me!

Congrats on the mini-streak.