Sunday, February 22, 2009

another productive week.

   This week Brock had a window  in between jobs, so we loaded up the kids and our little dog, and went to North Myrtle Beach for the week where Brock's parents has a beach house on a golf course there at barefoot landing. 

 It was wonderful for many reasons: spending time together as a family unit, being in a different, relaxed environment, AND I was able to run everyday! That time I had to myself was invaluable. :o) 

 i ran 5 miles everyday and took saturday off for a total of 30 miles this week. 

The weather was nice. Not really cold( as cold as swva anyways) about50-60F and breezy..  very enjoyable. The MB marathon weekend was going on went we first arrived. I ran this marathon in 2006, and was kinda bummed I was too out of shape to even consider an event like this. It's like I'm starting from ground zero..  but that's okay because at least I'm attempting to get there. and it probably will take me a good year to get to the type of shape I was in 2006. The journey is so well worth it. :o)

 here are some pictures from our MB trip..

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