Monday, July 20, 2009

more pictures from mt rogers

hey! Beth was kind enough to post some of the pictures she took on the run saturday, and I thought you guys might enjoy them.

**I have to explain the one about the picture of me walking and it looks like I'm crying and the pony is following me. I was very sad to leave the ponies yes, it's true. :o) but I wasn't crying butI was upset that the pony was following and following us, and it just made me feel guilty that I petted on it and hugged it and apparently made it like me, and then was having to leave it and tell it to leave me alone... I felt like I was hurting it's feelings and confusing the poor thing.. So I made a big frowny face and beth captured that moment haha.. ( seriously didn't think the pony would ever stop following us at one point )**

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