Sunday, July 26, 2009

skulls gap run with the iron mtn trail runners/ CTR 10k is in 2 weeks!!

these are the only pictures I took yesterday!:o( both are from the straight branch parking lot near the creeper and AT before I met up with the rest of the group to go run yesterday morning.
Yesterday's run was different than my past experiences but I felt very necessary in my education in trail running.
The reason I didn't take any pictures while i was running, wasn't because I didn't have my camera with me, I did carry it the WHOLE way. but I was kinda busy the entire time, well, running!:o)

I ran yesterday with beth, rick and tammy gray, and then a group of very nice people from boone: eva, martha, doug, and dennis. This was a collective of people who were very intelligent and FUN, but really got down to business! So the intensity was a little different from trail runs I had done the past couple of weeks. However, I really feel this was needed for me, to challenge me and make me stronger. I think it was a good preparation for the 16 mile trail race I am going to run on sept 5th. While the vibe was WAY more laid back than a race and I know racing is FAR more intense, I think running with a larger group really gets you moving forward. :o) at a much faster pace. It was still a fun run, but a faster one:o)

We did a 6 mile out and back( for 12) from FS90 to rt 600 on the iron mtn trail @ skulls gap, then once we got back to the cars at FS90, we refueled ( I took 2 motrin) and then we ran a 6 mile loop of some back trails that were SOOO pretty. I was very tired by that point, but happy I pressed on to run the loop! I ended up eating one pack of honey stingers, one pack of gu chomps-- a handheld of accelerade, a handheld of water. My hydration pack leaked BADLY all over me, and it looked like I peed my shorts:oP While I drank some from it, I have no idea how much.. I never re-filled it because my shorts were drying and I didn't want to get drenched again!

One thing I love about running with Beth, Rick and Tammy grey is 1. they are SO upbeat and positive. Running with them is a joy. 2. They ALWAYS point out different trails and where they lead to, so that I can get my bearings and figure out where I am. 3. They are very open in sharing all their knowledge about running and trail running and how they do things. I feel I gleaned so much information from them yesterday about trails, their medical kits. Rick was also kind enough to give me some pointers on running downhill and uphill. I am very appreciative to them for being so inclusive and making me feel SO welcome at their runs!!

on a different note, I have to divert my attention to my race that is coming up!! In 2 weeks!! I am very excited! Everything is coming together very nicely! my awards will be finished and at the cave house this week for me to pick up, and the shirts are being printed on august 9th. The week of the race is going to be CRAZY. I have so many things to do!! I have to get the equipment from state of franklin track club, and the fruit, bagels, bottled water for the finish from food city and kroger the day before the race. ( not to mention put together all the race bags for the pre-registered runners) I am just so happy I have a great group of volunteers for race day!! I have 21 so far!! I am convinced that having a competent group of volunteers is essential for a race to be well- organized and successful. I divide all the volunteers into groups and give each group specific jobs so that everything gets accomplished!:o)

Very excited about this year's race!!:o) Alot of work goes into putting on a race ( more than I ever imagined) but the benefits are well worth it!! I enjoy the sense of accomplishment, and the fact the race is in memory of my brother Todd, that fact alone makes me want to have the BEST race EVER. All proceeds from the entry fees goes towards Todd's memorial scholarship fund. Every year a new scholarship is awarded to a southwest va senior majoring in geology, geography, or environmental science.


Rick Gray said...

Jenny, Your race in two weeks is going to be the best yet. You are prepared and organized. Yea, you are going to be busy, but you know what you are doing. We enjoyed having you with us Saturday. Dennis was the fast boy. It will not be long until you will be running a 50k. I enjoyed running with you and gettting to know you better. See you soon, Rick

jenn said...

thanks rick!! I wanted to say dennis!! but was after his name was something else! I will correct it now!!:o) it was GREAT running with you too! I can't wait to run a 50k.. just don't know when that will be! maybe promised land!:o)

Some guy named John said...

I'm somewhat envious of people who take pictures on their runs; I can't seem to manage a camera even when I'm running a dawdling pace.

Oh, and by the way: Got my entry form for the CTR 10K in the mail this morning! Looking forward to it.

jenn said...

thanks john!! can't wait to see you there!! My only fear about the race is that more than 150 will show and I'll be out of shirts!! That wasn't a concern last year, but it seems road race attendance has risen sharply this year? have you noticed this?? and I have seen other races ( like the varmint) just experience a big BOOM! in attendance. I know I have pre-registered runners only are guaranteed shirts..but I would like for everyone who runs to get one:o)

Rick Gray said...

Jenny, You are like me. Someone's name is right on the tip of your tongue. Dennis will forgive you, but be expecting a razzing next run. He likes to go bushwacking, so keep your witts about you. As long as Beth and I are around, we will keep you safe. In regards to your first 50k, January is Frosty, February is Black Mountain (marathon), March is Terrapin and in April is Promise Land. That will allow you to get through your fall marathon and be ready for Boston!!! Rick

jenn said...

rick: all those races sound great!! I really hope it's a mild winter so I can do plenty of running!!!:o) I'm actually a better cold weather runner anyways ( I think most all distance runners are:o)

I practiced my push-ups and pull-ups for the IMTR 16 miler today! I really hope I can do well after the finish.. wonder if they make you drop right after the finish to do them or do they give you recovery time?

Rick Gray said...

I am a better cold weather runner too. Most of these races will at least be cool, but this year's Promise Land was hot. I think that Dennis said Saturday that you will have five minutes to rest before starting the push ups and pull ups. Not much time for any rest! Rick