Sunday, July 12, 2009

crazy 8's and preparing for CTR10k!!

 HI! I ran crazy 8's 8k last night and had the best time! The course was so crowded this year with over 1, 900 runners!! Not that I'm complaining! that just made for more exciting and fun run! It was very humid, but not unbearably hot ( maybe in the mid 70's?) Of course due to all the excitement I ran too fast the first and second mile-- I came through the 5k point at 22:37. ( which  I was happy about) but inevitably  I slowed down and ended up crossing the line in 38:27.  I finished #399. :o) 

My race that I RD, the Christopher Todd Richardson memorial 10k is a month away!! yikes!!:o)  I am so excited about this year's race! I have been working steadily on the shirts and awards the past couple of weeks. The over all awards are going to be mixing bowls made by the same potter with the same glaze ( teal green and brown) as last year. That way if you ran this year, and last year your pottery will match!! The mixing bowls are AWESOME I hope everyone likes them!! for the Age group awards I have decided to go with medals... but stop the presses!! it's not what you think!! not medals from a trophy shop!! NO!! I have met this AMAZING artist from Marion, VA named Jeanenne McKeena who works with precious metal clay and her work is AMAZING!!  I will post a picture of a necklace I have that she made me, to give you an idea what the age group medals will look like.. but  I don't want to really describe too much of what they'll be like..  They are VERY cool!!  trust me!! the precious medal clay AMAZES me!! you fire it in a kiln and it carbonizes!! 

Well, I hope everyone comes to the CTR 10k and brings all their friends!! We are going to have an awesome time!!

cheers yall!

I am posting a picture of me after the race.. and of the medals ( but remember out medals isn't a mtn scene it's something different but along the same idea/vibe):o)


Some guy named John said...

Congrats on a strong 8K!

Zowie! 1900 runners!! And I thought last year's race was crowded.

Rick Gray said...

Jenny, Great run with a whole bunch of crazy people. Just a few more people involved than in our trail run. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. See you soon on the trail, Rick