Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CTR 10k!

My favorite picture of my brother Todd and I on my wedding day
My older brother Brian and I at the race this year
Hank Brown, Natalie Whitlock and I all kinda strided out the race course together (no racing) we had a great time just talking and cheering people on.. we finished at 51:00.
Thanks SOOO much to everyone(runners, walkers, volunteers, sponsors) who made the CTR 10k successful this year!! We had 113 participants this year! ( last year we had 50)
Special thanks to everyone who got up SOO early to volunteer and all my friends and relatives who travelled long distances to volunteer ( my cousins sharon and amy drove from winchester, va and my good friend Erin Doyle drove from evansville, In) The race wouldn't go as well as it does or as efficiently and smoothly if not for the help of all the wonderful, energetic volunteers!!

The race results, pictures and an article about the race and the scholarship is up on:
My dear mother in law did such a wonderful job taking pictures. There are 154 of them! I thought it would just be easier to direct you guys to the link and that way everyone can see the slide show.

I can't believe the race is over!! I will be looking forward to next year, and all the planning phases that led up to next august.

shifting gears, We are headed back to North Myrtle Beach this weekend to stay for a week. Saturday is my birthday! I will be 31!! :o) I hope to get in some great morning runs! It's still very hot and humid comparative to the climate in the appalachian mtns. even at 5 AM:o)
my next race is IMTR 16 mile trail race on sept 5th in Damascus, va and then Bays mtn trail race several weeks later.

I'm training for richmond marathon nov. 14th! I hope to BQ I have to run a 340 in order to do so.


Rick Gray said...

Jenny, Sounds like your race was just perfect. Your brother would be proud. The support and love that family and friends give us makes life such a pleasure. Congratulations on another sucessful year. Happy Birthday in three days! Rick

jenn said...

thanks rick!! it was such a positive day for me and my family. We will always miss Todd, our family dynamics will never be the same without him here with us, BUT I really feel that doing the race and the scholarship fosters healing for us all. :o) It's a wonderful way to spend time together working for a common goal. I think Todd would be proud of us:o)
hope to see you and tammy and run together very soon! I know I will see you guys at IMTR sept 5th for sure!!! (((HUG))))

can't wait to get in the mountains!! i"m dying to go trail running!!!