Tuesday, August 4, 2009

logo now with color!

hey just wanted to post the proof I got from the screen printer's today. I was a little disappointed that they couldn't fill in the sun/celtic pattern! WHY?? I don't know.. they just said they couldn't.. oh well. I still think it looks pretty snazzy.
things are really coming together nicely for the race. It's hard to explain but it's like I FEEL that everything is just going to fall into place and go well. The stars are aligning, God is smiling down, maybe the creeper has "trail magic" of it's own. This morning I was awoken to my blackberry blinking that I had a message and it was from a friend that lives in king of prussia, PA who asked if I had reicieved a package he had overnighted to me. WHAT? I did get a package the day before, but I had thought it was the RODALE stuff from runnersworld and just never opened it. So I get out of bed, get the box and open it.. and what is inside?! over 200 bucks worth of outdoor/ running gear.. defeet socks, life is good mugs, nalgene bottles, a wool cap, timbuk2 cell phone holders.. etc.. COOL STUFF.. My friend John sent this as a donation for the door prizes for the road race!! WOW. I just couldn't believe it. I truly am appreciative for his thoughtfulness. I'm sure the runners who win his swag will be grateful as well. Isn't that AWESOME?! This whole journey of doing the scholarship and road race... bittersweet at times.. but it really has brought me into contact with some of the NICEST people. I honestly couldn't do the race if I didn't have so much help from so many different people. :o) Thanks to everyone for all their help. If you only knew how much it meant to me.

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