Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 CTR 10k RD report

  The 7th annual CTR 10k was held on August 9th 2014 6pm.  The weather was  overcast, high's in the 60's.
This was the largest field in the history of the race with 119 registered runners and 102 finishers.
I was so elated to see Todd's race grow, and the love and support from the running community was most certainly felt by my family and I. The CTR 10k is the annual fundraiser for the Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial Scholarship. These are scholarships both merit and need based for students in southwest, Virginia who are majoring in geology, mining engineering,  or some other energy related field to date in the past 7 years we have given away $14,000.00 in scholarships. I'm so extremely proud to be able to look back and know that we have honored and are continuing to honor Todd's memory by helping others.

The race boasts a fun cross country style start at the picnic shelter area at the head of the trail

That then merges onto the VA Creeper Trail in Abingdon, Va. The Creeper trail is a rail to trail system  so non technical/wide trail with cinder surface. 
  The race awards are made by local artists: For the 7th year in a row  my good friend Debbie Grim Yates has made the pottery overall awards. She lives in Konnarock ( near white top/damascus) and does amazing work)
The age group awards were made by myself  I made the "freedom to be" medallions which is the name of my blog and my personal creed because my brother todd had a 4h sticker that said this on the side of his desk when we were children. This has always resonated with me that is how Todd lived his life and conducted himself-- people truly where always comfortable with him and at east in his presence because he was so accepting and allowed people to simply be themselves, and Todd was unapologetically genuine and authentic-- So it is that which I pattern my life- and hope to inspire others to do the same.

  Feel it's extremely important for the runners to visually be able to see and read about my brother, and the scholarship recipients so they feel a personal connection and understand they just aren't merely running a 10k, they are apart of something truly special.
  Michael Holland, 17 crossed the line in 35:13 and was the overall winner of the 2014 CTR 10k
  My good friend jaime simmons ( who is a stellar triathlete with XC/TF, D1 NCAA background was the overall female winner and 39:40 and seventh overall
    Overall male winners michael holland, Daniel Scott Hamilton-- who I have to mention Ran and WON a trail half marathon in Chat ( RockCreek trail series) Then drove to Abingdon and ran CTR 10k and got second on tired legs , and Eric Grossman ( who is a great mentor/friend and super accomplished ultra runner in his own rite- he has coached me several times)
 Was completely star struck that Tom MacCormack ( who was 4th overall and masters winner) ran CTR 10k, Tom was a member of the original ETSU Irish Brigade from the 70's- he ran an amazing race. sub 6 min miles for 10k and he is 61-- really people, what is your excuse??
                           The lovely Jaime Simmons receiving her overall awards-
Jaime and Rebbeca Webb first and second woman respectively. 

The rest of the results are listed here at State of Franklin Track Club

HERE is a link to all the other CTR 10k pictures on my FB page

 I would like to personally thank ALL THE RUNNERS, VOLUNTEERS, SPONSORS for making this years race such a success.  None of this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for so many kind hearted people supporting the race, ( almost all independent, locally owned businesses) and the scholarship. 
The sense of community and positive atmosphere at this race is immeasurable. It truly is a special event, but it's THE PEOPLE who are present that make it that way. So THANK YOU to everyone are participated and for making CTR 10k such a special day for my family and myself. 

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