Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stonewear Designs ambassadorship 2014-2015

I'm soo happy to announce that Stonewear Designs  has selected to me to be one of their ambassadors for 2014-2015.

Stonewear designs is a women's active/sportswear company based in boulder, co. It is the brainchild
Of a climber chick- that saw the need for
Functional, yet cute outdoor clothing for women that can look great on essentially any body type.

The line is essentially lifestyle, yoga, and some
Running clothes- Really fun, versatile and comfortable.
Below are two of my favorite dresses from
Spring 2014 line up.

I'm very excited to have this opportunity to represent and promote for this company because it's a brand I've been familiar with for years, but I feel while it's has a stronger presence out west, many in the southeast may not be familiar with Stonewear.

Things I love about Stonewear and my relationship with the company in terms of my job:
1. They are small- rep in house - and their customer service is unparalleled. You have an issue they will get it fixed.
2. The clothes are made in the USA- when is the last time something from lulu, Patagonia or northface yoga gear had a made in the USA tag?
3. Their yoga pants are amazing- so soft and super flattering-and no quality control or "sheer" issues here!!

I really feel in addition to SALOMON and GU this is a great companion to my ambassadorship resume. Excited to wear and field test their gear-

Watch for events and promotions for Stonewear on my blog and social media as well as gear reviews in the coming year. Yay!!

I would definitely like to take the opportunity to personally thank Stonewear Designs for allowing me to be apart of what they are trying to accomplish- I'm very humbled, and also super excited that yet again I have people believing in me and enabling me to chase my dreams. cheers y'all!

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DanaRae said...

Yay Jenny! Welcome to the team! We are so excited to have you - what a nice shout out you've given us here! Can't wait for more exciting Jenny adventures with the Stonewear team!