Saturday, March 7, 2009

solid consistent running and p90x is kicking my butt..

 hey guys! just wanted to update the blog and let everyone knowing what I've been up to the past couple of weeks. 
 I have been so fortunate to be able to continue on a consistent daily ritual of running and working out everyday! and I feel AWESOME!
 it really boiled down to me TAKING the time to run.. ( so some creative juggling of my schedule) and recruiting my mom to help babysit the kids twice a week for my 10 mi group runs. Then any other day, if I can even get 30 min to an hour.. I GO!!  and go hard as I can while I'm out!!
  I have been getting some 30-40 mi weeks. It's a start..  I really have a long road ahead of me to get into marathon shape by the fall or for my first ultra attempt.. but I am slowly but surely getting there. ( HOORAH)  It was incredibly frustrating bouncing  back  from having todd 15 months ago..  it was so different from my first pregnancy with Jack..  I literally made three attempts at coming back to running, only to wind up injured or overwhelmed from my time constraints. 

Also, this week I started the p90x program!  I am hooked! I love it! The picture I have posted is from MY DAY 1 picture... I am supposed to take another one on DAY 90.. to see the results.. so we shall see how it goes:o) It's so challenging and I am so sore.  I really think I will see gains of being stronger and faster from doing this.  I am doing the p90x workouts first thing in the morning then recovering and going for my runs.
 I also have ordered a spyntech spinning stationary bike for when I absolutely can't leave the house to go run, but want to do some REAL cardio.  I ordered it from piney flats bike shop, I can't wait for it to come in.. it's this crazy yellow color. I will post a picture of it once I get it set up. 
SO things are good, I have so much more energy, and I'm more patient and happy..  and just so thankful that things are going better for me in terms of me being able to workout and run regularly.
 I am planning to run some races this spring and summer. I will post those on the blog, and OF COURSE I am planning and organizing the race I am race director of : CHRISTOPHER TODD RICHARDSON MEMORIAL 10K! august 15th on the VA creeper trail!  The race is so meaningful to me( of course) but I get so much satisfaction from the planning ( and over planning) of this event! I really hope everyone who attended last year, returns and brings tons of friends with them!!!:o)

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