Thursday, September 4, 2008

busy week!

 This week has flown by! my oldest started preschool!! AW! It has gone very well. He loves school, and has made all sorts of new little friends. 

The weekend is almost here! HORRAY!  I am planning on going to boone, NC tomorrow. I am so excited. Boone is one of my favorite places to go visit! I love just walking down king st and looking at all the shops. There is a great health foodstore/supermarket, I always go to. Then I always have a delicious lunch either at Melanie's Food Fantasy or Black Cat Burrito. 
 I just love the hustle and bustle of this little mtn college town. There are always many cool things going on!

Saturday, I plan to go on a long run in Damascus, Va. Jump up on the AT for a little off of the creeper trail.  I will bring my camera and take some pictures,and post them on here. 

cheers yall!

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