Saturday, August 30, 2008

May the Force be with you...

Hey! I am having a pretty good weekend so far! I got up this morning and went to the Martha Washington Inn for a deep tissue massage. NICE!!  I literally fell asleep on the table. Then I went to the farmer's market in abingdon. (which was awesome) and one of my favorite gourmet/wine shoppes: Wines of Distinction (also in abingdon) I picked up some cheese, pasta , capers, and some other ingredients for the dinner I had planned. Then I went to "the shouting sprout" health food store in Bristol.  I was somewhat enjoying my new found freedom of navigating the tri-cities sans enfants, when my blackberry started ringing and text messages started coming in all from brock wanting to know when ( if ever) I was planning to return to resume caring for our children. ( I think I learned today 3 hours alone with the kids without me there is about all brock can take:o) SO I returned home, and we took the kids to one of Jack's friends birthday party!! It was So much fun, it was Star Wars themed. Jack dressed up like obi-one and little Todd was dressed as Yoda. So many other kids dressed up too. my personal favorite: this one kid who was like 9 dressed up like boba Fette, and let me tell you this kid made such a great impression on me. He KNEW his stuff!!  I had this 20 min conversation with him how boba fett was my favorite bounty hunter, and how he was cloned from his dad janga fett. and he KNEW it already..( this is star wars stuff that isn't really in the movie but in the books.. and this little 4th grader was VERY knowledgeable!) SO CUTE!!

after the party, I came home and prepared a wonderful dinner of chicken Parmesan. ( all made from scratch except for the pasta itself that I had gotten earlier that day from the wine shop)
 it was SO yummy.  ended the evening hanging out with Brock and the kids on the back porch. sipping espresso watching the sun set.

well, I will post more later. Happy Labor day weekend!!!

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