Tuesday, July 15, 2008

here I go again

 I really am going to try to make a last ditch attempt at keeping a blog and keeping it current. 

Today I took my oldest son Jack to check out his preschool.  I think it went well, and he will enjoy it there. It's a smaller private school, but I think he will benefit from all the individualized attention, and small classes etc.  There was a summer enrichment program going on while we toured, and Jack just took off with them to plant flowers outside while I went to go over the paperwork and sign an agreement (guess my fears that he'd cling to my leg screaming the first day of school were unfounded)
Then we came home, jack took off with his grandmother to visit some of her relatives this afternoon. (again, does that kid ever miss me?)
 I pretty much spent the rest of the day playing with my little 8month old, Ranzey Todd. He is growing so quickly, and his little personality is really just developing into this uber sweet individual.  We play with toys, sing songs(well, i sing) I read him books. Then the rest of the time just is devoted to his primary care ( bathing, feeding, changing, you get the picture)
All the while anxiously anticipating the return of little jack:  who rolled back into town about 9am. Fun Stuff.

 I really can't wait for brock to get back into town so that I can go run. I ran 5 miles the other day ( I am kinda post marathon recovery mode which stinks) wasn't too painful.  I really have so much I would like to do( run, bike, tennis, golf) but until he gets back all my athletic aspirations are on hold haha.  I really have just come to terms that I will have to wait until both my kids start school before I can actually set lofty athletic goals and train on the level I want.( ACCEPT IT!) 
We just got back this past weekend from a 2 week jaunt out west. I took some amazing pictures, and had an amazing time as well. I just can't get over how much I love colorado. It truly is such an awesome place. Especially the town of Leadville.  The picture is me at the top of mosquito pass at 13, 900 ft during the leadville trail marathon. ONE TOUGH CLIMB. it makes me HATE swtichbacks so badly! haha it's maddening trying to get to the top!

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to Richlands to visit my parents farm. Jack is excited. He loves riding the tractor with my dad and seeing all the black angus cows.  I enjoy going just to spend time with them. It seems the older I become, the more I am aware of how important it is to spend time with our immediate family. Really, without them, my life wouldn't have much meaning. People define themselves through various ways: careers, hobbies, likes/dislikes; the crap they own but I really think that with some serious self reflection, one can see how really interaction with family and life experiences past, present and future is what molds and shapes us into WHO we are. 
current events very quickly: the dow dropped below 11,000 points (bummer), GM is cutting jobs(RIP), oil went down 7 bucks a barrel today. Sad state of affairs if you ask me. I don't even want to get into politics ( odd since I am degreed in political science) today.
 Book I am currently reading : "How the Irish Saved Civilization"
Favorite gadget: tie between ipod-touch and blackberry world. use them both equally the same
* I love my Mac Book, and will never use windows again.*
 cameras: use Canon EOS rebel XT primarily for digital pictures can't say enough positive things about this camera. for a smaller digital, I am  currently loving olympus stylus. its orange and can go underwater, shockproof etc.. I carried it during leadville marathon and I thought the pictures turned out great.  
film camera: Nikon 35mm SLR. 

 Over and out. 

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