Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the house on main

I went to my husband's uncle's new restuarant tonight with my husband's parents and my kids: The House on Main in Abingdon, Va. I thought it was great! the desserts were the equivalent ( if not better than any 5 star restaurant I had ever been to) Very nice! great job Timmy!

I finally got around to going to morrell's shoe store to get jack his shoes today! I got him 4 pairs of shoes! I just couldn't help myself! they had so many cool shoes for little boys. So I got 2 pairs of 9's and 2 pairs of 9.5 for later this fall.

Brock is in morgantown, looks like me and the kids are going to drive up to see him one day this week. Can't wait. I really like the drive there. So many trees.

there was a hellacious lightening storm this evening. I wish I had my camera so I could try to take a picture of some it. It was an amazing display to say the least.
here are some pictures from my yard. I took them with my canon EOS rebel xt. I took the morning scene with my canon telephoto lens. The iris and the bird was taken with my wide angle lens.

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