Wednesday, July 16, 2008

somewhere down the line

 well, I am over here in Richlands, VA hanging out with my parents, letting them enjoy the company of their grandkids:) Actually, jack is out in the garden with my mom digging potatoes, and gathering squash and cucumbers. My Dad is mowing the yard, and I am in the house with little Todd who is getting ready to take a nap. So that pretty much is the run down of what is going on here. 
My nephew, Brian, who works for consol energy, will be home from work around 4pm, then we will all have dinner together before I head back up the road to the mean streets of Bristol. 
  Brock is working in West Virginia. I can't wait for him to come home on Friday. 

I really want to go make a trip to Boone, NC sometime soon. I have alot of things coming up the month of August, and really don't know when I can do everything I need to do. Ever feel that way? so overwhelmed by tasks at hand, that there literally doesn't seem like enough hours in the day.  but once we have my brother's memorial road race, the Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial 10k ( )  I will have some more free time on my hands.  I would like to go to Grandfather mtn and check all that out up there. I really enjoy the town of Boone itself. I love going to the mast general store and all the stores on Kings st.  I guess I just love that it's a college town ( so there is art, culture, free thinking etc) maybe it's just a way for me to attempt to recapture lost youth to just merely go there.  I feel like I have aged so much the past year.  I feel OLD.  Maybe it's just the confines of adult life and adult responsibities( caring for two small kids constantly ) I love my family. but it presents a whole special set of challenges that are new experiences for me, and have definately taken some modifications on my part.

 I just have to keep reminding myself that really I just need to enjoy the moment and phase of life that I'm in, while yes, it's hard to handle a toddler and a baby, but they will grow so quickly. (which will be sad) and then I will have all the free time to run, train for races, and travel: but I will never get this time back with them while they are small. 

 I  took the picture of a flower beside my house with my canon EOS.. isn't it awesome looking?!

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