Saturday, July 19, 2008

 Saturday! My Day began at 6am! Pretty much today was utilized as a "restocking day" as a family, we ran out and gathered some things that we were out of: food, cleaning supplies, water etc. It actually was one of the more easier and more pleasant excursions we have gone on( shopping with a toddler and a baby can be overwhelming and tiresome sometimes) but today the kids just seemed so cute and giggly: well behaved. So I was glad(There is hope for not being isolated from the public in the future!)

So we came home, unloaded the car and put everything away. Then I set out to marinate some filets with this apple chiptole sauce and a dash of dale's. They turned out well. In addition to that we had some very nice twice baked potatoes! T even ate one for dinner!
tomorrow is going to be busy, and unfortunately brock has to go work for awhile. He has alot of jobs! I am toying with the idea of driving to morgantown to see him over the weekend, but I haven't decided yet what I would like to do. 
 I am sorry that I have such a filter on my blog. I have alot going on, but I just feel so self conscious about blogging about things occurring in my life, my inner dialog or feelings on things,  or even blogging too much about my kids.. (which is crazy paranoid) I just feel so very aware that what  I write can be read by anyone, and I really don't want to reveal so much about myself to where my transparency is perceived as a vulnerability. but that is why I don't post pictures of my children. I just don't want *just anyone* to have access to all sorts of information about me or my kids or the happenings of my life. That is the major reason why social networking completely sketches me out. I don't do it. 

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